Garba Subsurface fracture assessment for near-surface water infiltration, flow and geotechnical process monitoring

Tuesday, 25 July 2017: 3:00 PM
Paul Brest West (Munger Conference Center)
Patrick Nkemakonam Dikedi, Wisdom Institute, FCT, Nigeria

This research work, made up of Geomorphological and Hydro-geophysical reports, is a fragmentary subsurface fracture assessment for monitoring near-surface water infiltration, flow and geotechnical processes in Garba-Zuma II, region of Nigeria. Furthermore, the work provides access to up-to-date synthesis of subsurface fracture data.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), which utilises electron microscopy technique, is employed in generating information on granular surface features (granular morphology and topography), elemental identification, chemical composition and contrast in composition of earth samples within the region.

Omega meter, which utilises resistivity method via Electrical Sounding and profiling techniques, is employed in generating profile maps, lithology, base maps, and relevant curves are presented; elemental identification, and chemical composition of surrounding rocks and earth samples are determined.

The region investigated is an undulating settlement interspersed with rock outcrops, grasslands and trees with the lowest and highest elevations of 614.48m and 619.35m respectively. This settlement—a critical zone—is cut across by a 2m wide water channel, with about 2.4m depth; the floor of the channel is pegmatite-rich and does harbour a reddish pond with biotas like butterflies and varied plants. The presence of micro-faults from granular topography and morphology is an indication that this granular surface feature could be the tip of deeper faults down under. VES 1, VES 2, VES 3 and VES 4 are located within the following points: N9017.113', E7 25.073'; N90 17.116', E70 25.068'; N90 17.116', E70 25.065'; N90 17.229', E70 25.055'; N90 17.082', E70 25.063'. VES 1, VES 2 and VES 3 revealed weak zones attributed to possible fault zones.

 Keywords: Biotas, Geomorphology, Hydro-geophysics, Topography, Micro-faults.