Interaction between isoprene and ozone fluxes at ecosystem level in a poplar plantation and its impact at European level

Terenzio Zenone1, Carlijn Hendriks2, Federico Brilli3, Beniamino Gioli4, Miguel Portillo Estrada1, Martijn Schaap5 and Reinhart Ceulemans1, (1)University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium, (2)TNO, Department of Climate, Air and Sustainability,, Utrecht, Netherlands, (3)National Research Council, Institute of Agro-Environmental and Forest Biology (IBAF-CNR, Rome, Italy, (4)National Research Council, Biometeorology Institute (IBIMET-CNR),, Florence, Italy, (5)Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, Department of Climate, Air and Sustainability, Utrecht, Netherlands