Swarm and ESR observations of the ionospheric response to a field-aligned current system in the high-latitude midnight sector

Frederic Pitout1, Aurelie Marchaudon2, Pierre-Louis Blelly3, Xi Bai2, Francois Forme2, Stephan C Buchert4 and Dag A Lorentzen5, (1)IRAP, CNES/CNRS/Toulouse University, Toulouse, France., Toulouse, France, (2)IRAP, Toulouse, France, (3)Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, Observatoire Midi–Pyrénées, CNRS, CNES, IRAP, Toulouse, France, (4)IRF Swedish Institute of Space Physics Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden, (5)UNIS, Longyearbyen, Norway