What role does the N. Atlantic subtropical cell play in warming the shallow underwater of the Caribbean Sea on decadal to centennial time scales? Constraints from radiocarbon records across the tropical Atlantic

Alvaro Fernandez1, Brad E Rosenheim2, Peter K Swart3, Tom Lapen4, Rasmus Andreasen4 and Kristopher Karnauskas5, (1)Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, United States, (2)University of South Florida St. Petersburg, College of Marine Science, St Petersburg, FL, United States, (3)University of Miami, Department of Marine Geosciences - RSMAS, Miami, FL, United States, (4)University of Houston, department of earth and atmospheric sciences, Houston, TX, United States, (5)Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Geology & Geophysics, woods hole, MA, United States