How to Run an Effective and Inclusive REU Program

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This hands-on workshop is for those running Research Experiences for Undergraduates (GEO REU) programs who want tips on running a successful REU or who want to delve more deeply into specific issues. Topics may include: Adapting REUs to include community college students, and managing expectations all around (mentors, students, funders); Tips on working with small, under-resourced minority-serving institutions or community colleges; Managing applications and selecting a diverse cohort; Training mentors on mentoring, including assessing the progress of student skills; Setting expectations for students and for mentors; Tips on creating a cohesive and mutually supportive cohort. Whether you are just starting an undergraduate research program or you want to improve your existing REU program, this workshop will be an excellent source of tools, advice, and strategies. It will also be a great opportunity for you to connect with other REU leaders. The workshop is a partnership between AGU Education and the UCAR Center for Science Education.

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