Teaching Geoscience in Society: Building Relevance and Interest in Geosciences by Adding InTeGrate to Your Class

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Geoscience courses have the opportunity to engage students in the sciences through societal challenges that range climate change, water availability issues, resource depletion, geohazards, and other grand challenges. Through InTeGrate, geoscientists have developed a series of teaching modules that directly address Earth-related grand challenges through the use of engaging activities that use authentic data and pose questions that incorporate interdisciplinary considerations. Modular units can be adopted wholesale or in parts and each feature resources to develop students' abilities to address interdisciplinary problems, improve geoscientific thinking skills, make use of authentic geoscience data, and incorporate systems thinking. Materials have been developed and tested by faculty at a variety of types of institutions and come with built in assessments and resources for instructors and students. Topics include climate change, natural hazards, sustainable land use, environmental justice and freshwater resources. In this workshop, we will explore the InTeGrate materials, and work with participants to adapt the materials for their courses, in the context of their institutional and geographic setting. This workshop is co-sponsored by AGU Education and the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.

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