The SAFE ESA-funded Project: how to approach for an integrated system of earthquake physics study

Wednesday, 16 December 2015: 10:20
307 (Moscone South)
Angelo De Santis1, Giorgiana De Franceschi1, Rita Di Giovambattista1, Loredana Perrone1, Lucilla Alfonsi1, Gianfranco Cianchini1, F. Javier Pavón-Carrasco2, Claudio Cesaroni1, Luca Spogli1, Andrea Malagnini1, Leonardo Amoruso3, Marianna Carbone3, Cristoforo Abbattista3, Daniela Drimaco3 and SAFE (SwArm For Earthquake study) Project, (1)Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome, Italy, (2)Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Palermo, Italy, (3)Planetek Italia, Bari, Italy
The primary goal of the Swarm satellite mission by ESA is to measure the magnetic signals from the Earth. The SAFE (Swarm for Earthquake study) project (funded by ESA in the framework “STSE Swarm+Innovation”, 2014) aims at applying the new approach of geosystemics to the analysis of Swarm data for investigating the preparatory phase of earthquakes. The main objective is to explore the possible link between magnetic/ionospheric anomalies and large earthquakes analysing Swarm as well as ground based data (seismic, magnetic, GNSS, etc.). This presentation will show the state of the art in lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling (LAIC) and the expected contribution of SAFE in the field, showing some recent case studies.