Carbon cycle relevant measurements with the TROPOMI instrument on the Sentinel 5 Precursor mission

Friday, 18 December 2015: 16:00
3012 (Moscone West)
Ilse Aben, Netherlands Institute for Space Research, Utrecht, 3584, Netherlands
In 2016 Q2 the Sentinel 5 Precursor (S5P) mission will be launched with the TROPOMI instrument as its single instrument payload. It comprises global measurements of the atmospheric composition for air quality and climate application as part of the Copernicus atmospheric services. To this purpose it will perform nadir observations in the UV-VIS (270 – 500 nm), NIR (675-725 nm), and SWIR (2305-2385 nm) measuring key species such as O3, NO2, CO, CH4, CH2O, SO2. TROPOMI is a push broom grating spectrometer combining a large swath (~2600 km) with high spatial resolution (7x7km2 in nadir) measurements, and has heritage from OMI and SCIAMACHY. The S5P will extend the data records from these missions, as well as being a preparatory (precursor) mission for the Sentinel-5 missions planned for 2020 onward.

In this presentation we will address the Carbon cycle relevant SWIR products from TROPOMI (CH4, CO) as well as a fluorescence product from the NIR. In particular, this presentation will focus on the potential for CH4 measurements also in respect to other existing missions.