New ShakeMaps for Georgia Resulting from Collaboration with EMME

Tuesday, 15 December 2015
Poster Hall (Moscone South)
Nino Sidamon Tsereteli1, Otar Varazanashvili2, Viktor Alania2 and Nino Kvavadze1, (1)Tbilisi State University Geophysics Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia, (2)Institute of Geophysics of Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
Correct assessment of probabilistic seismic hazard and risks maps are first step for advance planning and action to reduce seismic risk. Seismic hazard maps for Georgia were calculated based on modern approach that was developed in the frame of EMME (Earthquake Modl for Middle east region) project. EMME was one of GEM’s successful endeavors at regional level. With EMME and GEM assistance, regional models were analyzed to identify the information and additional work needed for the preparation national hazard models. Probabilistic seismic hazard map (PSH) provides the critical bases for improved building code and construction. The most serious deficiency in PSH assessment for the territory of Georgia is the lack of high-quality ground motion data. Due to this an initial hybrid empirical ground motion model is developed for PGA and SA at selected periods. An application of these coefficients for ground motion models have been used in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment. Obtained results of seismic hazard maps show evidence that there were gaps in seismic hazard assessment and the present normative seismic hazard map needed a careful recalculation.