Supporting Implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards: A Needs Assessment Outline

Wednesday, 16 December 2015: 16:15
104 (Moscone South)
Edward Robeck, American Geosciences Institute, Alexandria, VA, United States, Susan M Sullivan, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, Boulder, CO, United States and Aida A. Awad, Maine Township High School District 207, Park Ridge, IL, United States
The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) explicitly treat Earth and Space Science (ESS) content with the same level of priority as Physical Science, Life Science, and Engineering & Technology. Therefore, the geoscience community has a vested interest in the use of NGSS as it is being implemented in K-12 classrooms. Individuals and groups from all facets of the geosciences can take action to support the implementation of the NGSS. That action will be most effective if it is guided by a thorough understanding of the needs of teachers and other stakeholders who have a role to play in NGSS implementation. This session will describe qualitative and quantitative needs assessment data that was gathered in advance of the Summit Meeting on the Implementation of the NGSS at the State Level, which was jointly organized in April 2015 by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT). The data to be discussed are from interviews and quantitative survey data, as well as data based on responses by the 50+ Summit attendees who represented a variety of perspectives in geoscience education. Particular attention will be given to areas where responses suggested points of tension, such as the fact that many survey respondents feel that they understand dimensions of the NGSS that their colleagues do not understand as well, making for a potentially difficult context in which to work to implement the NGSS. Actions suggested by the Summit attendees that are related to the different need areas will also be described, with the intent being to open discussion among session participants about additional actions that they can take individually and/or collectively. The overarching goal of this presentation will be to work in coordination with the other presentations in the session to expand the network of member of the geoscience community who are informed and committed to supporting NGSS implementation.