Where Arc Magmas Reside: Comparing the Volcanic and Plutonic Records I

Thursday, 17 December 2015: 08:00-10:00
308 (Moscone South)
Primary Conveners:  Valbone Memeti, California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, United States
Conveners:  Gary Michelfelder1, Anita Grunder2 and Emily E. Salings1, (1)Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, United States(2)Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, United States
Chairs:  Vali Memeti1, Gary Michelfelder2, Emily E. Salings2 and Anita Grunder3, (1)California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, United States(2)Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, United States(3)Oregon State Univ, CEOAS, Corvallis, OR, United States
OSPA Liaisons:  Vali Memeti, California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, United States
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