The last millennium of Aleutian low variability based on dendrochonolgy and water isotope proxies

Benjamin Gaglioti1, Daniel H Mann2, Laia Andreu-Hayles3, Gregory C Wiles4, Gregory Streverler5, Park Williams1, Robert D Field6 and Rosanne D'Arrigo7, (1)Lamont -Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY, United States, (2)University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geosciences Department, Fairbanks, AK, United States, (3)Columbia University of New York, Tree-Ring Laboratory, Palisades, NY, United States, (4)College Wooster, Wooster, OH, United States, (5)Icy Strait Environmental Services, Gustavus, AK, United States, (6)Columbia University, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, New York, NY, United States, (7)Columbia University of New York, Palisades, NY, United States