Multiple Convective Cell Identification and Tracking Algorithm for documenting time-height evolution of measured polarimetric radar and lightning properties

Daniel Rosenfeld1, Jiaxi Hu2, Pengfei Zhang3, Jeffrey Snyder4, Richard E Orville5, Alexander Ryzhkov6, Dusan Zrnic3, Earle Williams7 and Renyi Zhang5, (1)Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel, (2)Texas A & M University College Station, College Station, TX, United States, (3)National Severe Storm Lab, Norman, OK, United States, (4)National Severe Storms Lab Norman, Norman, OK, United States, (5)Texas A & M Univ, College Station, TX, United States, (6)Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies, Norman, OK, United States, (7)Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, United States