Trends in simulated chemical composition of global and regional population-weighted fine particulate matter over the recent 25 years

Chi Li1, Randall Martin1, Aaron van Donkelaar1, Brian Boys1, Melanie Sarah Hammer1, Junwei Xu1, Eloise Ann Marais2, Adam Reff3, Madeleine Strum3, David A Ridley4, Monica Crippa5 and Qiang Zhang6, (1)Dalhousie University, Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science, Halifax, NS, Canada, (2)University of Birmingham, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Birmingham, United Kingdom, (3)Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, Research Triangle Park, NC, United States, (4)MIT, Cambridge, MA, United States, (5)European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate, Air and Climate Unit, Ispra, Italy, (6)Tsinghua University, Department of Earth System Science, Beijing, China