The mid-Pleistocene Revolution: Clues to the Missing 786 ka Australasian (AA) Tektite Parent Impact Structure.

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The 786 ka Australasian (AA) tektite strewn field covers ~ to 1/3 of Earth’s surface, from N.W. Canada to Antarctica to the S.W. Indian Ocean.  Tektite ablation evidence of reentry speed implies interhemispheric loft.  Consensus thinking has failed for 50 years of AA impact structure search.  Lets brainstorm Transport, Emplacement and Modification (TEM) processes, unrestrained by consensus, and crack this nut.  The mid-Pleistocene AA impact structure and proximal ejecta blanket should be identifiable on Earth’s upper continental crust per tektite profile, and may contain large mass over a vast area.  This open, cross-disciplinary forum invites any/all TEM examples and resulting geomorphology signatures, any/all mid-Pleistocene workers, to determine what went on at 786 ka, based on all imprint elements. Got surface process? Got GM reversal? Got benthic mass extinction? Got quartz H ion diffusivity or vitrification process or tektites?   Got Suborbital Analysis? Bring it and meet at the mid-Pleistocene Union.
Primary Convener:  Thomas H. S. Harris, Lockheed Martin Corporation, (retired), Arlington, VA, United States
Convener:  Michael E Davias, Retired, Washington, DC, United States

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