Localized deformation of lithospheric materials: From grains to tectonic plates

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Localized deformation can occur at a range of length scales covering orders of magnitude, from sub-millimeter cracks and slip bands to fault and shear zone systems extending hundreds of kilometers along plate boundaries. The wide range of P-T-X conditions and length scales of deformation present in the lithosphere result in a variety of mechanisms to accommodate strain localization, and the resulting fabrics and microstructures have a profound impact on the long-term rheological properties of the crust and upper mantle. This session aims to address the breadth of deformation mechanisms that localize strain in the lithosphere, from the brittle to the ductile regime, and how these mechanisms affect lithospheric strength and microstructural evolution. We welcome contributions from field observations, laboratory experiments, and numerical modeling to elucidate the mechanisms acting on geologic materials over a wide range of conditions, length scales, and time scales.
Primary Convener:  Kathryn M. Kumamoto, Stanford University, Department of Geological Sciences, Stanford, CA, United States
Conveners:  Christopher Thom, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Philadelphia, PA, United States and Yuval Boneh, Washington University in St Louis, Earth and Planetary Sciences, St. Louis, MO, United States

  • T - Tectonophysics
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Tarryn Kim Cawood, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, United States and John P Platt, Univ Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Xuelei Zhang, Nagoya university, Nagoya, Japan and Takeshi Sagiya, Nagoya Univ, Nagoya, Japan
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Marte Gutierrez, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, United States, Anja Sundal, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway and Elizabeth Sandra Petrie, Western State College of Colorado, Gunnison, CO, United States
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Nicolas Brantut, University College London, Rock and Ice Physics and Seismological Laboratory, London, United Kingdom
Harsha Vora and Julia Morgan, Rice University, Houston, TX, United States
Sabber Ahamed, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, United States and Eunseo Choi, Center for Earthquake Research and Information, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, United States
Francois Renard, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, Neelima Kandula, University of Oslo, Departmenf of Geosciences / PGP, Oslo, Norway, Benoit Cordonnier, Independent Scientist, Pescara, Italy, Dag Kristian Dysthe, University of Oslo, Department of Physics, Oslo, Norway and Jerome Weiss, University Grenoble Alpes, ISTerre, Grenoble, France
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