Challenges and Benefits of Open Source Software and Open Data

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Session Description:
Scientists rely on a broad range of software tools and services to conduct their research such as GIS, data hosting and discovery platforms, data processing packages, and modelling suites. The continued development of these tools is essential to improving our understanding of critical geoscience questions. Open source software and open data foster reusing and adopting existing scientific results. Due to the increasing needs for data analysis and infrastructure, earth and space sciences benefits from adopting these practices. In addition, open source software enhances capabilities of researchers, science teams, and new users and allows them to build more capable, reliable, reusable and long-lasting software. Reusing open source software and data can be synergistic and beneficial for research collaborations, as well as challenging to govern. This session discusses ways to address the challenges and benefits of open science, as well as cutting-edge tools and services that support the needs of the community.
Primary Convener:  Jens F Klump, CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering Perth, Perth, WA, Australia
Conveners:  Anthony M Castronova, Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrological Science, Washington, DC, United States, Daniel Garijo, University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute, Los Angeles, CA, United States and Bert Jagers, Deltares, Delft, Netherlands

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Abstracts Submitted to this Session:

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