How Does Your Geoscience Research Matter and Can You Explain How it Matters to the Public?

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Session Description:
You have five minutes to explain to a non-geoscientist what you do, what discoveries you have made and why it matters. Are you ready to do this with a presentation or without? This session seeks brief and easy to understand descriptions via posters or lightning talks for outreach to the public and stakeholders, such as policymakers, emergency managers and/or others. There are no restrictions on your choice of words or images, but the presentation should include some description about why the geoscience has value and what that value is.
Primary Convener:  Linda R Rowan, UNAVCO, Inc. Boulder, Boulder, CO, United States
Conveners:  Maggie Walser, National Academy of Science, Washington, DC, United States and Rebecca French, Environmental Protection Agency Washington DC, Washington, DC, United States
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Abstracts Submitted to this Session:

Wesley Neely1, Adrian A Borsa1 and Jennifer A Burney2, (1)Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA, United States, (2)UCSD, La Jolla, CA, United States
Huilin Gao1, Gang Zhao2, Kyungtae Lee2, Shuai Zhang3, Xiao Shen4, Manqing Shao2 and Carter Nickelson5, (1)Texas A&M University College Station, College Station, TX, United States, (2)Texas A & M University, Zachry Department of Civil Engineering, College Station, TX, United States, (3)University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Geological Sciences, Chapel Hill, NC, United States, (4)Texas A&M University, College Station, United States, (5)Whitworth University, Spokane, United States
Maya K Buchanan, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, United States
Jeffrey Herrick, USDA-ARS Jornada Exp. Range, Las Cruces, NM, United States, Gregory Okin, University of California Los Angeles, Department of Geography, Los Angeles, CA, United States, Brandon Bestelmeyer, USDA-ARS-Jornada Experimental Range, Las Cruces, NM, United States, Niall P Hanan, New Mexico State University Main Campus, Las Cruces, NM, United States, Jason Caufield Neff, University of Colorado at Boulder, Sustainability Innovation Lab at Colorado, Boulder, CO, United States, Debra P C Peters, USDA ARS, Las Cruces, NM, United States, Osvaldo Sala, Arizona State University, School of Life Sciences, Tempe, AZ, United States, Shawn William Salley, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, United States, Enrique R Vivoni, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States and Skye A. Wills, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, United States
Daniel deB. Richter Jr, Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment, Durham, NC, United States
Lydia Tackett, North Dakota State University Main Campus, Fargo, ND, United States
Osinachi Ajoku1, Jennifer A Burney2 and Arthur J Miller1, (1)Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA, United States, (2)UCSD, La Jolla, CA, United States
Denise J Hills, Geological Survey of Alabama, Energy Investigations Program, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States
James Rodger Fleming, Colby College, Waterville, ME, United States
Laura Reynolds, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, United States
Nicholas Waldo and Rebecca Bergquist Neumann, University of Washington Seattle Campus, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seattle, WA, United States
Bonnie M. McGill, Michigan State University, Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI, United States
Laura B Carter, Rice University, Houston, TX, United States
Vanessa M Escobar, NASA Headquarters, Washington DC, DC, United States
Rebecca Bergquist Neumann1, Colby Moorberg2, Jesse Turner1, Andrea Wong1, Mark P Waldrop3, Eugenie Susanne Euskirchen4, Colin Edgar4 and Merritt R Turetsky5, (1)University of Washington Seattle Campus, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seattle, WA, United States, (2)Kansas State University, Department of Agronomy, Manhattan, KS, United States, (3)US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA, United States, (4)University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK, United States, (5)University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada
Andrew Frassetto, Robert Woodward and Robert S Detrick, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology, Washington, DC, United States
Galen Treuer, University of Miami, Miami, FL, United States
Praveen Kumar, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Urbana, IL, United States and Intensively Managed Landscapes Critical Zone Observatory (IMLCZO) Scientific Team
Roger C Bales, Leigh Bernacchi, Martha H Conklin, Mohammad Safeeq, Joshua H Viers and Michelle Gilmore, University of California Merced, Merced, CA, United States
Benjamin Runkle1, Kosana Suvocarev1 and Michele L Reba2, (1)University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, United States, (2)USDA, State University, AR, United States
Jessica L McCarty, Miami University, Geography, Oxford, OH, United States and David M. Banach, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, United States

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