Translating Arctic Ocean Science to Policy: Exploring the value of Ocean Observations for Policy and Decision Making

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Scientists can offer value to the world of policy through information that can support effective policy and decision making, but there is often a disconnect between this potential and its realization. Policy is traditionally understood as actions or ideas that are proposed to solve a particular problem and passes through a legislative process. Decision making differs because it is specific and operational in nature. There is a need to further explore ways in which science informs policy and decision making, looking at areas of rapid change and urgent need in the Arctic: maritime domain awareness, and food security and safety with outcome goals of exploring guidelines that govern activities in the North. The symposium will highlight community-based and standard scientific observations that inform policy at all levels, and how scientists and policy makers work together to overcome the disconnect between science and policy.
Primary Convener:  Monique Baskin, NOAA Climate Program Office, Silver Spring, MD, United States
Convener:  Henry Huntington, Self Employed, Washington, DC, United States
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Meredith LaValley1, Sandra Starkweather2 and Sara Bowden1, (1)Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee, Arlington, VA, United States, (2)Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, Boulder, CO, United States
Candace Nachman, NOAA Fisheries Office of Policy, Silver Spring, MD, United States
Molly McCammon, Alaska Ocean Observing System, Anchorage, AK, United States
Guillermo Auad, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, US Department of the Interior, Sterling, VA, United States

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