Integration of Ecosystem Research Infrastructures for Multi-Scale Analysis

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Session Description:
Understanding terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems requires many types of observations. Understanding the effects of multiple drivers (climate, disturbance, management) also requires long time-series of integrated and harmonized datasets, across scales. New Research Infrastructures (RIs; i.e., facilities, experiments, and networks) have emerged to meet these needs, each focused on specific areas and/or science disciplines. Environmental sciences are now beginning to link scales, from microbe to biome, and to systematically compare processes spanning continents. This presents significant technical, scientific, and cultural challenges on how to integrate data and facilities across RIs. This session features a poster session to introduce RIs and their possible uses, and a panel discussion by scientists who use and those who develop RIs. We plan to stimulate discussion of: (i) the research needs of users and stakeholders, (ii) Synergies/barriers among RIs (iii) Physical/data Interoperability and access and (iii) research opportunities. We invite abstracts for posters and panelists.
Primary Convener:  Dario Papale, University of Tuscia, Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-food and Forest systems (DIBAF), Viterbo, Italy
Conveners:  Margaret S Torn, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, United States, Hank W Loescher, National Ecological Observatory Network, Boulder, CO, United States and Francisco Bonet-García, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

  • GC - Global Environmental Change
  • H - Hydrology
  • IN - Earth and Space Science Informatics
Index Terms:

0410 Biodiversity [BIOGEOSCIENCES]
0428 Carbon cycling [BIOGEOSCIENCES]
0429 Climate dynamics [BIOGEOSCIENCES]
0439 Ecosystems, structure and dynamics [BIOGEOSCIENCES]

Abstracts Submitted to this Session:

Susan L Brantley, Pennsylvania State University Main Campus, University Park, PA, United States
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Laura Beranzoli1, Mairi Best2, Davide Embriaco2, Paolo Favali2, Kim Juniper3, Nadia Lo Bue1, Ana Lara-Lopez4, Paola Materia5, Dairmuid Ó Conchubhair6, Eleanor O'Rourke7, Roger Proctor8, Robert A Weller9 and Dairmuid Ó Conchubhair , (1)Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome, Italy, (2)Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Roma, Italy, (3)University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada, (4)University of Tasmania, Horbat, Australia, (5)Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Palermo, Italy, (6)Marine Institue, Galway, Ireland, (7)Marine Institute, Galway, Ireland, (8)University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, (9)WHOI, Monument Beach, MA, United States
Gilberto Pastorello1, Dan Gunter2, Housen Chu2, Danielle S Christianson2, Carlo Trotta3, Eleonora Canfora3, Boris Faybishenko4, You-Wei Cheah5, Norm Beekwilder6, Stephen Chan2, Sigrid Dengel2, Trevor F Keenan2, Fianna O'Brien2, Abdelrahman Elbashandy2, Cristina Poindexter7, Marty Humphrey8, Dario Papale9 and Deb Agarwal5, (1)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Advanced Computing for Science, Berkeley, CA, United States, (2)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, United States, (3)University of Tuscia, DIBAF, Viterbo, Italy, (4)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Earth Sciences Division, Berkeley, CA, United States, (5)LBNL, Berkeley, CA, United States, (6)University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, United States, (7)California State University Sacramento, Department of Civil Engineering, Sacramento, CA, United States, (8)Melbourne, FL, United States, (9)ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Center, Viterbo, Italy
Anders Lindroth1,2, Martin Ahlström3, Magnus Augner4, Charlotta Erefur5, Gunnar Jansson6, Erik Steen Jensen2, Leif Klemedtsson7, Silke Langenheder8, Gunhild Ninis Rosqvist9 and Jenny Viklund5, (1)Lund University, Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund, Sweden, (2)Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, Sweden, (3)Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Asa, Sweden, (4)Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, Stockholm, Sweden, (5)Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå, Sweden, (6)Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Grimsö, Sweden, (7)University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden, (8)Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, (9)Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden
Timothy S. White, Pennsylvania State University Main Campus, University Park, PA, United States, Adam Wymore, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, United States, Ashlee Laura Denton Dere, Penn State University, University Park, PA, United States, James C Washburne, Sahra, Tucson, AZ, United States, Adam Hoffman, University of Dubuque, Dubuque, IA, United States and Martha H Conklin, University of California Merced, Merced, CA, United States
Sebastien Biraud1, Stephen Chan1, Sigrid Dengel1, Pascal Polonik1, Chad V Hanson2, David P Billesbach3 and Margaret S Torn4, (1)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, United States, (2)Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, United States, (3)University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Biological Systems Engineering, Lincoln, NE, United States, (4)Berkeley Lab/UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, United States
James Michael Kuperberg, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Washington, DC, United States and David Reidmiller, US Global Change Research Program, Washington D.C., DC, United States
Sarah Sharkey and Timothy S White, Pennsylvania State University Main Campus, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, University Park, PA, United States

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