Climate Change Impacts on Human Health and the Environment

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Session Description:
Climate change is a threat to human health and the environment, and its impacts are increasing at a rapid rate. Rising temperatures, increasing drought severity, changing patterns in precipitation, increases in extreme weather events, and rising sea levels are exposing more people to public health risks in the US and globally. This session provides a platform for discussion of research into the relationship between climate change and its effects on human health and the environment. Topics include observed and projected climate change and the exposure pathways through which human health is affected such as poor air and water quality, reductions in food quality and availability, changes in infectious disease, and population displacement. Climate related risks to the environment including water resources, infrastructure vulnerability, and interconnections across sectors that can amplify the impacts of climate change also will be discussed.
Primary Convener:  Jay H Lawrimore, NOAA Asheville, Asheville, NC, United States
Conveners:  Ashok Luhar, CSIRO Oceans and Atmospheres, Aspendale, Australia, Jesse Eugene Bell, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellite North Carolina State, Asheville, NC, United States and Silvia Trini Castelli, CNR Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Bologna, Italy

  • A - Atmospheric Sciences
  • SI - Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences
Index Terms:

0365 Troposphere: composition and chemistry [ATMOSPHERIC COMPOSITION AND STRUCTURE]
1630 Impacts of global change [GLOBAL CHANGE]
4322 Health impact [NATURAL HAZARDS]

Abstracts Submitted to this Session:

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