GLOBE and Its Role in Science Teacher Preparation

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Session Description:
Share your  most effective methods for infusing GLOBE into science teacher preparation. This works serves to both connect future science educatiors to the processes and dispositions of science as well as helping them to align their instructional planning to the Next Generation Science Standards and other educational standards. Sharing your accomplishments can contribute to the capabilities of others who will benefit from your  experiences. All educators are welcome, from those preparing elementary teachers to those working with postgraduate students.
Primary Convener:  Michael Jabot, SUNY at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY, United States
Convener:  Anthony Murphy, GLOBE Implementation Office, Boulder, CO, United States

Abstracts Submitted to this Session:

Michael Jabot, SUNY at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY, United States, John Moore, National Earth Science Teachers Association, Boulder, CO, United States and Peter Dorofy, Palmyra Cove Nature Center, Palmyra, NJ, United States

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