Strategies to Promote Sustainable Desalination Capacity Development for Non-traditional Water Use and Reuse

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Fresh water scarcity is a present and growing threat to the United States and countries around the world. The current demand for water across all sectors will be exacerbated by population growth, increased agricultural and industrial production, drought conditions and shifting precipitation patterns. The widening imbalance between water supply and demand could lead to increased water prices, inhibited economic development, and other social, public health, and national security issues. Desalination technology presents an opportunity to create a new fresh water supply or treat and reuse water for a range of beneficial uses. This session will focus on applications of desalination technologies to provide water resource availability in a cost effective, sustainable manner that minimizes energy use and environmental impacts. Case studies that focus on capacity building and policy implementation strategies to promote desalination development at the Federal, State, or local level are encouraged.
Primary Convener:  Leslie Abrahams, IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute, Washington, DC, United States
Convener:  Alexis McKittrick, Science and Technology Policy Institute, Washington, DC, United States
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Public Affairs, and Global Environmental Change

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