Data-driven and theoretical approaches for modeling, prediction, analysis of thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviors of frozen soil and rocks

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Frozen soil and rocks are integrated parts of the Earth’s climate system. The timing, duration, thickness and distribution of frozen geomaterialsare dominated by heat exchanges between the environment and the land surface and the multiphysical coupling effects. During freezing and thawing cycles, microscopic mechanisms such as cryo-suction, thermal and hydraulic convection-diffusion, micro-cracks, enhanced particle interlocking and ice strengthening may have a profound effect on the land surfaces at the field scale. Yet, incorporating these complex micro-mechanical coupling effects for applications to earth system modeling remains difficult. This AGU session seeks contributions that innovate new techniques in (1) experimental and field works across length scales (e.g. micro-CT imaging, Lidar scan); (2) numerical modeling of frozen geomaterials, and (3) emerging technologies in data generation, collection and interpretation, such as climate-controlled experimental tests, data-driven machine learning and other approaches that improve the forward prediction and understanding of frozen geomaterials.
Primary Convener:  WaiChing Sun, Columbia University, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, New York, NY, United States
Conveners:  Seth Saltiel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, United States and Jonathan Blair Ajo Franklin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Geophysics, Berkeley, CA, United States

  • C - Cryosphere
  • NS - Near Surface Geophysics
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0702 Permafrost [CRYOSPHERE]
0704 Seasonally frozen ground [CRYOSPHERE]
0798 Modeling [CRYOSPHERE]
3902 Creep and deformation [MINERAL PHYSICS]

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WaiChing Sun, Columbia University of New York, Palisades, NY, United States and SeonHong Na, Columbia University, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, New York, NY, United States