Impact of Anthropogenic and Biogenic Emissions on High Ozone Episodes Along the Lake Michigan Shoreline

Gregory R Carmichael1, Maryam Abdioskouei1, Hariprasad Dilip Alwe2, Megan Christiansen1, Dylan B Millet3, R. Bradley Pierce4, Behrooz Roozitalab5, Negin Sobhani6 and Charles O Stanier7, (1)University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, United States, (2)University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN, United States, (3)University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate, St Paul, MN, United States, (4)NOAA/NESDIS, Center for Satellite Application and Research, Madison, WI, United States, (5)University of Iowa, Iowa City, United States, (6)NCAR | University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, United States, (7)IIHR—Hydroscience and Engineering, Iowa City, IA, United States