The abstract submission deadline has passed. The information included is as of 8/5/2018. Use this viewer to search sessions and abstracts submitted to the AGU 2018 Fall Meeting. The 2018 Fall Meeting scientific program will be published in early October. Please check the Fall Meeting Website for updates. If you have any questions about the scientific program please contact

B001. Advancements in Global Land Cover and Land Use Monitoring
Hamed Alemohammad | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prasad Thenkabail | USGS
Tatiana Loboda | University of Maryland
Mikaela Weisse | World Resources Institute
B002. Advances in Soil Respiration Research
Bhaskar Mitra | Texas A&M University
Kevan Minick | North Carolina State University
Asko Noormets | Texas A&M University
B003. Advances in the Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle
Holly Croft | University of Toronto
Alemu Gonsamo | University of Toronto
Tristan Quaife | University of Reading
Shawn Serbin | Brookhaven National Laboratory
B004. Advances in uncertainty assessment and reduction for terrestrial carbon cycle diagnosis and prediction
Jingfeng Xiao | University of New Hampshire
Kenneth Davis | Pennsylvania State University
Forrest Hoffman | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Stephen Ogle |
B005. Advancing Ecosystem Accounting and Ecosystem Service Monitoring Through Earth Observations
Keith Gaddis | NASA
Daniel Juhn | Conservation International
Max Wright | Conservation International
B006. Agricultural systems: links between hydrology and biogeochemical cycling
Benjamin Runkle | University of Arkansas
Arlene Adviento-Borbe | USDA-ARS
Michele Reba | USDA
Kosana Suvocarev | University of Arkansas
B007. Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Monitoring with Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Michael Cosh | U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
Sanaz Shafian | Texas Tech University
Morteza Sadeghi | Utah State University
Ebrahim Babaeian | University of Arizona
B008. Beyond Ecosystem Boundaries: Integrating Terrestrial and Aquatic Processes to Advance Catchment Biogeoscience
Diego Riveros-Iregui | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Erin Hotchkiss | Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
B009. Biogeochemical and Functional Consequences of Vegetation Changes in the Anthropocene
Kelly Heilman | University of Notre Dame
Jason McLachlan | University of Notre Dame
David Moore | University of Arizona
B010. Biogeochemical cycling across redox regimes in arctic and subarctic ecosystems
Elizabeth Herndon | Kent State University
Lauren Kinsman-Costello | Kent State University Kent Campus
Maximilian Barczok | Kent State University
Chelsea Smith | Kent State University
B011. Biogeochemistry of Caves
Jen Blank | NASA Ames Research Center
Pablo Sobron | SETI Institute
Richard Leveille | McGill University
Saugata Datta | Kansas State University
B012. Carbon feedbacks in Earth’s climate system: beyond emergent patterns and towards mechanistic processes to reduce future climate uncertainty
Ashley Ballantyne | University of Montana
Abhishek Chatterjee | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Benjamin Poulter | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Laure Resplandy | Princeton University
B013. Carbon Monitoring Systems Research and Applications
David Lagomasino | University of Maryland
George Hurtt | University of Maryland
Peter Griffith | NASA/GSFC
B014. Centennial: “Biogeosciences: Defining the pulse of a living planet”
Dork Sahagian | Lehigh University
Durelle Scott | Virginia Tech
Ariel Anbar | Arizona State University
Patrick Crill | Stockholm University
B015. Centennial Challenge: The Bio-atmospheric N cycle: N emissions, transformations, deposition, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem impacts
Meredith Hastings | Brown University
Maya Almaraz | University of California Davis
Rebecca Ryals | University of California Merced
Stuart Weiss | Creekside Center for Earth Observation
B016. Centennial: Earth Observation capabilities and future needs
Zhuoting Wu | USGS HQs
Greg Snyder | USGS HQs
Gregory Stensaas |
B017. Centennial: Transformational contributions over the last 100 years in the Biogeosciences
Durelle Scott | Virginia Tech
Patrick Crill | Stockholm University
Dork Sahagian | Lehigh University
Ariel Anbar | Arizona State University
B018. Coastal wetland carbon: recent advances in measurements, modeling, and syntheses
Jianwu Tang | The Ecosystems Center, MBL
Omar Abdul-Aziz | West Virginia University
Chris Osburn | North Carolina State University Raleigh
Lisamarie Windham-Myers | U.S. Geological Survey
B019. Coastal wetland resilience and vulnerability to disturbances
Rusty Feagin | Texas A & M University
Chris Kelbe | 2G Enterprises
Ranjani Kulawardhana | Jackson State University
B020. Comparative Organic Geochemistry of Soils and Aquatic Sediments: A New View in the 21st Century
Thomas Bianchi | University of Florida
Elise Morrison | University of Florida
Nicholas Ward | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Timothy Filley | Purdue University
B021. Ecological Forecasting in the Earth System
Michael Dietze | Boston University
Quinn Thomas | Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Andrew Fox | University of Arizona
B022. Emergent Behavior in the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle
A. Anthony Bloom | Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Junjie Liu | Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Alexandra Konings | Stanford University
Nick Parazoo | Jet Propulsion Laboratory
B023. Estimating critical biogeochemical processes across soil-plant-atmosphere continuum using cutting-edge techniques
Debjani Sihi | University of Florida
Melanie Mayes | ORNL
Gangsheng Wang | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Junyi Liang | University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
B024. Estimating Terrestrial Photosynthesis
Mary Whelan | University of California Los Angeles
Grayson Badgley | Carnegie Institution for Science
Youngryel Ryu | Seoul National University
B025. Forensic Geology: From Crime Scene to Courtroom
Ian Saginor | Federal Bureau of Investigation
David Szymanski | Bentley University
Christopher Bernhardt | USGS
Jack Hietpas | Pennsylvania State University
B026. Forest CO2, CH4 and N2O Emissions: Magnitudes, Patterns and Pathways
Josep Barba | University of Delaware
Patrick Megonigal | Smithsonian Env Research Ctr
Paul Brewer | Graduate Degree Program in Ecology
Rodrigo Vargas | University of Delaware
B027. Forest ecohydrology under a changing climate
Norbert Kunert | Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Luiza Maria Aparecido | Texas A & M UniversityArizona State University
Georgianne Moore | Texas A&M University
Kristina Anderson-Teixeira | Smithsonian Institution
B028. Forest response to extreme events using remote sensing
Alexander Antonarakis | University of Sussex
Marcos Longo | Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa)
Douglas Morton | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
B029. Forests in the macrosystem: Advancing observations and models of land management at regional to global scales
Ankur Desai | University of Wisconsin Madison
Christine Rollinson | Boston University
Paul Duffy | Neptune and Company
Michael Dietze | Boston University
B030. Freshwater Salinization Syndromes: Causes, Consequences, and Management
Shahan Haq | University of Maryland
Sujay Kaushal | University of Maryland
B031. From Enzymes to Ecosystems: Temperature Response in the Biosphere
Katharyn Duffy | Northern Arizona University
Louis Schipper | University of Waikato
Christopher Schwalm | Northern Arizona UniversityWoods Hole Research Center
B032. From genes to ecosystems: linking structural, and functional genomics to the structure and function of the entire ecosystem
Rachel Wilson | Florida State University
Joel Kostka | Georgia Institute of Technology
Virginia Rich | Ohio State University Main Campus
Malak Tfaily | University of Arizona
B033. From -omics observations to Earth System Science: how and when will molecular insight inform Earth system function?
Istem Fer | Boston University
Colin Averill | Boston UniversityBoston University
B034. Global and Regional Nitrous Oxide Budget: Data, Models, and Uncertainty
Hanqin Tian | International Center for Climate and Global Change Research, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University
Wilfried Winiwarter | IIASA International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Josep Canadell | CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Res
Rona Thompson | Norwegian Institute for Air Research
B035. High-resolution dendrochronology: extracting the mechanism behind plant-atmosphere interactions
Jia Hu | University of Arizona
Paul Szejner | University of Arizona
B036. Identifying and Reducing Biogeochemical and Physical Uncertainty in Ocean Models
Oluwaseun Ogunro | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
John Krasting | Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Marjorie Friedrichs | Virginia Inst Marine Science
B037. Impacts of winter climate change on hydrobiogeochemical dynamics of terrestrial and aquatic systems during the winter and shoulder seasons
Fereidoun Rezanezhad | University of Waterloo
Sarah Nelson | University of Maine
Patrick Sorensen | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alexandra Contosta | University of New Hampshire Main Campus
B038. Insights from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Assessments
Clifford Duke | Ecological Society of America
Brian Klatt | Michigan State University
Jeannine Cavender-Bares | University of Minnesota Twin Cities
B039. Integrated Habitability Science: Forecasting the Trajectory of Life and Planetary Habitability on Earth and Beyond
Fumio Inagaki | Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
Vlada Stamenkovic | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Victoria Orphan | California Institute of Technology
Kai-Uwe Hinrichs | MARUM - University of Bremen
B040. Integrated Understanding of Climate, Carbon, Nutrient Cycles, Human Activities, and their Interactions in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Forrest Hoffman | University of California Irvine
Xiaojuan Yang | Oak Ridge National Lab
Atul Jain | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Danica Lombardozzi | National Center for Atmospheric Research
B041. Interactions between hydrological and biogeochemical change in permafrost environments
Peter Douglas | McGill University
Jeffrey McKenzie | McGill University
Barret Kurylyk |
Isabelle Laurion | INRS
B042. Interdisciplinary Investigations on Interactions between Microbes, Nutrients, and Minerals in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Experimental Studies, Field Work and Modeling Analysis
Qian Zhao | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kirsten Hofmockel | Iowa State UniversityPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Yu Yang | University of Nevada Reno
Nancy Hess | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
B043. Land Management in the Earth system: Measurements and Models
Quinn Thomas | Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Danica Lombardozzi | National Center for Atmospheric Research
Nicholas Smith | Purdue University
Nathan Mueller | University of California Irvine
B044. Landsat: Past, Present and Future
Christopher Barnes | SGT Inc
John Dwyer | U.S. Geological Survey EROS Center
Kristi Kline | USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center Sioux Falls
B045. Life at the top: How carbon cycles at the surface of drylands
J. Logan | Michigan State University
Sasha Reed | U.S. Geological Survey
Sarah Evans | Michigan State University
Colin Tucker | Southwest Biological Science Center Moab
B046. Linking biogeophysical and socioeconomic processes, methods and impacts
Gabriela Shirkey | Michigan State University
David Reed | Michigan State University
B047. Mercury Biogeochemistry and Environmental Change
Michael Bank | Institute of Marine Research
Sophia Hansson | Aarhus University
Wesley Heim | Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
B048. Metabolomic approaches for understanding complex environmental systems through space and time
Emily Graham | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
James Stegen | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Malak Tfaily | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
David Hoyt | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
B049. Microbiome and microbial biogeochemistry in terrestrial saline/hypersaline environments
Hongchen Jiang | China University of Geosciences Wuhan
Gary King | Louisiana State University
B050. Model-Data Fusion in Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology:  Current Approaches, Emerging Challenges, and Next Steps
Andria Dawson | University of California Berkeley
Ann Raiho | University of Notre Dame
Mathias Trachsel | University of Wisconsin - Madison
Andre Perkins | University of Washington
B051. Modeling the why, where and when of regional forest decline
Chuixiang Yi | CUNY Queens College
George Hendrey | CUNY Queens College
B052. Monitoring forest structure, productivity, and change at the intersection of forest modeling, remote sensing, and field measurements
Adrianna Foster | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Amanda Armstrong | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
B053. Monitoring Land Cover and Land Use Change Using Long-term Time Series Remote Sensing Information
Thomas Loveland | USGS EROS Data Ctr
Zhe Zhu | Texas Tech University
Heather Tollerud | USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center Sioux Falls
George Xian | USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science Center Sioux Falls
B054. Natural Wetlands, Inland Waters, and the Global Methane Cycle: Reconciling Top-Down Atmospheric Estimates and Bottom-Up Biogeochemical Estimates of Methane Emissions
Elaine Matthews | NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Ruth Varner | Univ New Hampshire
Lori Bruhwiler | NOAA/ESRL/GMD
B055. New Drylands Pulse Regime Paradigm
Osvaldo Sala | Arizona State University
Sasha Reed | Southwest Biological Science Center Moab
B056. New Insights to Soil Structure and Function: Bridging Plant, Microbe, and Geochemical Constituents
James Moran | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kirsten Hofmockel | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
B057. New Vistas in Isotopologue Research
Laurence Bird | California Institute of Technology
Allison Baczynski | Pennsylvania State University Main Campus
Max Lloyd | California Institute of Technology
Katherine Freeman | Pennsylvania State Univ
B058. Novel methods of connecting ecosystem structure to function with remote sensing
Jeff Atkins | Virginia Commonwealth University
Atticus Stovall | University of Virginia Main Campus
Elizabeth LaRue | Purdue University
B059. Nutrient-Carbon Cycle Interactions in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Jennifer Soong | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Sara Marañon-Jimenez | CREAF
Andreas Richter | University of Vienna
Josep Peñuelas | CREAF
B060. Past, Present and Future of Water-Limited Ecosystems: Local Trends to Global Impacts
Natasha MacBean | University of ArizonaIndiana University - Bloomington
Istem Fer | Boston University
Shishir Basant | Texas A&M University
Yong Zhou | Texas A&M University
B061. Picky Eating in the Deep Subsurface?
Emily Estes | WHOI
Elizabeth Trembath-Reichert | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Sabrina Beckmann | University of Delaware
B062. Plant-Soil interactions under Global Warming: Learning Mechanisms from Multiyear Field Experiments and Natural Gradients
Emily Solly | University of Zurich
Michael Schmidt | University of Zurich
Margaret Torn | Berkeley Lab/UC Berkeley
Paul Hanson | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
B063. Plant Traits, Biogeochemical Cycles and Optimality Driven Model Development
Jens Kattge | Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
Michael Bahn | University of Innsbruck
Han Wang | Tsinghua University
Oskar Franklin | IIASA International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
B064. Representing Microbial Processes and Mineral Interactions in Ecosystem Models across Scales
Petr Capek | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Nancy Hess | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
B065. Resilient agroecosystems
Emile Elias | USDA Southwest Climate Hub
Randi Johnson | National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Institute of Bioenergy, Climate, and EnvironmentNational Institute of Food and Agriculture
Rachel Steele | USDA Washington DC
Charlene Felkley | USDA Midwest Climate Hub
Caitriana Steele | USDA Southwest Climate Hub
B066. River Corridor Biogeochemical and Hydrologic Dynamics across Scales
James Stegen | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Emily Graham | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Vanessa Garayburu-Caruso | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Xingyuan Chen | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
B067. Satellite Land Surface Products at Medium/High Resolution: Algorithms, Validation and Applications
Jean-Claude Roger | University of Maryland College Park
François-Marie Bréon | LSCE Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement / CEA
Eric Vermote | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Ferran Gascon | European Space Agency
B068. Seeing is Believing: Advances in Understanding of Root-Rhizosphere Dynamics
Jeff Warren | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Keita DeCarlo | Princeton University
Colleen Iversen | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
B069. Smart Farming Enabled by Remotely Sensed Big Data
Yun Yang | USDA ARS
Martha Anderson | USDA ARS
Zhe Zhu | Texas Tech University
Xiaoyuan Yang | The Climate Corporation San Francisco
B070. Soil carbon dynamics and impacts of land use and management
Xiujun Wang | Beijing Normal University
Jingfeng Xiao | University of New Hampshire
Xiaohong Tian | Northwest A&F University
B071. Soil organic carbon: mechanisms of stabilization and change in the Anthropocene
Nancy Cavallaro | USDA/NIFA
Marc Kramer | Washington State University Vancouver
Kate Lajtha | Oregon State University
B072. Spaceborne Lidar for Mapping Vegetation Structure
Laura Duncanson | University of Maryland
Amy Neuenschwander | University of Texas at Austin
John Armston | University of Queensland
Sorin Popescu | Texas A&M University
B073. Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence as a proxy of photosynthesis: measurements, modeling, and applications from field, airborne, and satellite platforms
Xi Yang | University of Virginia
Joanna Joiner | NASA GSFC
Kaiyu Guan | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Yongguang Zhang | Nanjing University
B074. Surface-Atmosphere Interactions: From Single Flux Measurements to Integrated Synthesis
Housen Chu | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Stefan Metzger | NEON
David Durden | National Ecological Observatory Network
Dario Papale | University of Tuscia
B075. Terrestrial and Aquatic Methane Sinks: New Discoveries, Revisions, From Molecular to Global Perspectives
Youmi Oh | Purdue University
Ludovica D'Imperio | University of Copenhagen
Jesper Riis Christiansen | University of Copenhagen
Samantha Joye | University of Georgia
Chui Yim Lau | Princeton UniversityInstitute of Deep-Sea Science and Engineering
B076. The Biogeochemistry of Human Sanitation: Local to Global Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Cycling associated with the Containment, Treatment, and Reuse of Human Sanitary Waste
Gavin McNicol | University of Alaska Southeast
Rebecca Ryals | University of California Merced
Matthew Reid | Cornell University
B077. The Global Methane Cycle
Robert Jackson | Stanford University
Sara Knox | Stanford University
Philippe Bousquet | LSCE Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
Benjamin Poulter | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
B078. The Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON): Integrating in situ and remotely sensed observations to advance biodiversity monitoring, research, and applications
Allison Leidner | NASA HeadquartersASRC Federal Holding Company
Gary Geller | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Nestor Fernandez | Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON)
William Turner | NASA Headquarters
B079. The Importance of Episodic Events on Sediment Transport and Biogeochemical Cycling at Coastal Margins
Kathryn Schreiner | University of Minnesota Duluth
Joseph Carlin | California State University Fullerton
Richard Smith | Global Aquatic Research
B081. The Resilience and Vulnerability of Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems to Climate Change
Michelle Mack | University of Florida
Peter Griffith | NASA/GSFC
Natalie Boelman | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observ.
Abhishek Chatterjee | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
B082. The resilience of wetland ecosystems to multiscale environmental changes
Yu Zhang | Duke University
Pei Xin | Hohai University
Abinash Bhattachan | UCLA
B083. The Role of Microbes in Terrestrial Biogeochemical Cycles: Linking Responses to Ecosystem Processes and Environmental Change
Dawson Fairbanks | University of Arizona
Martha Gebhardt | University of Arizona
Noelle Espinosa | University of Arizona
Rachel Gallery | University of Arizona
B084. The USA National Phenology Network: Advancing the Science of Phenology in the Past, Present and Future
Jake Weltzin | USA National Phenology Network
Theresa Crimmins | USA National Phenology Network
B085. The value of vegetation, historical and cultural resources on Gotjawal(lava forest)
Jaehoon Kim | Warm Temperate and Subtropical Forest Research Center, National Institute of Forest Science
Hwaja Hyun | Warm Temperate and Subtropical Forest Research Center, National Institute of Forest Science
Byoungki Choi | Warm Temperate and Subtropical Research Center, National Institute of Forest Science
yeon Ok Seo | National Institute of Forest Science
B087. Timescales of Carbon Cycling in Soils: Observations, Data Synthesis and Modeling
Alison Hoyt | Max Planck Institute for BiogeochemistryLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Avni Malhotra | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jennifer Harden | USGSStanford University
Gustaf Hugelius | Stockholm University
B088. Towards a Global Assessment of Regional Carbon Budgets
Josep Canadell | CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Res
Ana Bastos | Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich
Philippe Ciais | LSCE Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
Robert Jackson | Stanford University
B089. Towards unifying principles for wetland restoration in light of chemical and microbial ecology
Taniya RoyChowdhury | University of Maryland College Park
Stephanie Yarwood | University of Maryland
B090. Tropical forests under a changing environment
Robinson Negron Juarez | Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab
Chris Doughty | Northern Arizona University
Jiafu Mao | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jacquelyn Shuman | NCAR
B091. Understanding phenological responses and feedback in terrestrial vegetation: patterns, mechanisms, and consequences.
Jitendra Kumar | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Xiangtao Xu | Harvard University
Forrest Hoffman | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Min Chen | Carnegie Institution for Science StanfordHarvard University
Xinning Zhang | Princeton University
Betul Kacar | University of Arizona
Sebastian Kopf | University of Colorado at Boulder
B093. Understanding the Role of Plant Hydraulics Across Scales
Alexandra Konings | Stanford University
Anna Trugman | University of Utah
William Anderegg | University of Utah
B094. Use remote sensing and eddy covariance techniques to quantify the impacts of climate and managements on grassland
Yuting Zhou | Oklahoma State University
Prasanna Gowda | USDA-ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory
Pradeep Wagle | USDA-ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory
Jianshuang Wu | Freie Universität Berlin
B095. Vegetation canopies: physiology, structure, function
Trevor Keenan | Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUC Berkeley
Nicholas Smith | Purdue University
Han Wang | Tsinghua University
Cecilia Chavana-Bryant | Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
B096. Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to Climate Change
Christina Schaedel | Northern Arizona University
Jessica Ernakovich | Division of Land and WaterUniversity of New Hampshire Main Campus
Edward Schuur | Univ FloridaNorthern Arizona University
A006. Aerosol exchange across the air-sea interface: deposition and emission
Amanda Frossard | University of Georgia
Katherine Mackey | University of California Irvine
Kostas Tsigaridis | Columbia University
Cassandra Gaston | University of Miami
A017. Assessment, Enhancement and Integration of Arctic Observing Systems
Roberta Pirazzini | Finnish Meteorological Institute
Hanne Sagen | Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Michael Tjernstrom | Stockholm University
Andreas Ahlstrom | Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
A037. Constraining Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange Processes using Remote-sensing and In Situ Observations
Mathias Goeckede | Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
Abhishek Chatterjee | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Thomas Lauvaux | Pennsylvania State University Main Campus
Andrew Schuh | Colorado State University
A051. Fog: Atmosphere, biosphere, land, and ocean interactions
Alicia Torregrosa | U S Geological Survey
Travis O'Brien | Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Warren Blier | NOAA/National Weather Service
Ritesh Gautam | Environmental Defense Fund
A109. Urban and regional air quality: Emissions, land surface forcing, and meteorological impacts
Min Huang | George Mason University
James Crawford | NASA LARC
Gregory Carmichael | Univ Iowa
ED045. Reframing the Conversation:  Why Diversity in the Geosciences Workforce Matters
Jill Karsten | AGU Diversity & Inclusion Task Force
Erika Marin-Spiotta | University of Wisconsin Madison
Gregory Jenkins | Pennsylvania State University
EP028. Modeling the Critical Zone: Integrating Processes and Data Across Disciplines and Scales
Bhavna Arora | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Harry Vereecken | Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH
Li Li | Pennsylvania State University Main Campus
EP029. Nutrient and Sediment Dynamics at the Event Scale: From Hydrological Event Characteristics to Temporal Patterns
Scott Hamshaw | University of Vermont
Andrew Gray | University of California Riverside
James Shanley | USGS
GC021. Carbon cycle climate variability: observation, modeling and data assimilation in the modern data-rich era
Ning Zeng | University of Maryland
Abhishek Chatterjee | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Andrew Jacobson | NOAA Boulder
Benjamin Poulter | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
GC029. Decision-Support Tools To Assess Social And Environmental Processes In The Built Environment
Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman | University of Maryland College Park
Masoud Negahban-Azar | University of Maryland College Park
GC035. Advances in understanding impacts of land use and land cover change using Earth system models and data records
Dan Li | Boston University
Kaiyu Guan | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Zhenghui Xie | LASG, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Maoyi Huang | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Pavel Groisman | Hydrology Science and Services CorpShirshov Institute of Oceanology
Shamil Maksyutov | NIES
Sergey Gulev | P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS,
Dmitry Streletskiy | George Washington University
GC048. Forest carbon and water dynamics under global environmental change: patterns, drivers and mechanisms
Zheng Shi | University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
Henrik Hartmann | Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
Anders Ahlström | Lund University
Kailiang Yu | ETH Zurich
GC072. Partnerships for Advancing and Facilitating Science: The State of the Carbon Cycle & 20 years of Research Coordination
Nancy Cavallaro | USDA/NIFA
Zhiliang Zhu | USGS
Laura Lorenzoni | NASA Headquarters
Gyami Shrestha | U.S. Carbon Cycle Science ProgramUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research
GC073. Permafrost Dynamics, Biophysical and Socio-Economic Linkages: Connecting Science to Policy
Jens Strauss | Alfred-Wegener-Institute
Daniel Fortier | University of Montreal
Gerald Frost | Alaska Biological Research, Inc.
Ylva Sjoberg | Stockholm University
GC075. Quantifying Nutrient Budgets for sustainable nutrient management
Josep Canadell | CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Res
Luis Lassaletta | Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Nathan Mueller | University of California, Irvine
Richard Conant | Colorado State University
Xin Zhang | Princeton University
GC082. State of the Carbon Cycle in North America: Key Findings from Assessing a Decade of Science, Decisions, and Management Impacts
Gyami Shrestha | U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program
Nancy Cavallaro | USDA/NIFA
Laura Lorenzoni | NASA Headquarters
Zhiliang Zhu | USGS
GC085. The Food-Energy-Water System Nexus and Decision Support for Sustainability
Xin-Zhong Liang | University of Maryland College Park
Jerad Bales | CUAHSI
Bruce McCarl | Texas AgriLife Senior Fellow, Regents Professor and Distinguished Professor
GH013. Global Warming, Urban Heat Island and Public Health: Vulnerability, Impacts, and Adaption
Kevin Czajkowski | University of Toledo
Nguyen Anh | National Central University
Yuei-An Liou | National Central University
H003. Advances in ecohydrology of water-stressed environments
Daniel Schlaepfer | Yale University
Sujith Ravi | Temple University
Lixin Wang | Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Kailiang Yu | ETH Zurich
H023. Applications of Machine Learning and Data Cubes in Remote Sensing
Hamed Alemohammad | Radiant.Earth
Brian Killough | NASA Langley Research Center
Steven Brumby | Descartes Labs, Inc.World Resources Institute
Kaiyu Guan | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
H032. Characterizing Spatial and Temporal Variability of Hydrological and Biogeochemical Processes across Scales
Bhavna Arora | Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Haruko Wainwright | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
H036. Computational Methods and Tools for Model-Data Integration
Forrest Hoffman | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Xingyuan Chen | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Tianfang Xu | Utah State University
Hyungjun Kim | University of Tokyo
H041. Coupled terrestrial-aquatic approaches promote watershed-scale sustainability connecting people and water
Qichun Yang | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jaehak Jeong | Blackland Research Center, Texas A&M AgriLife Research
Gregory McCarty | USDA-ARS
Ryan Bailey | Colorado State University
Xuesong Zhang | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
H058. Fate, transport and remediation of contaminants of emerging concern and their transformation products in the critical zone
Marc Benedetti | Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
Dengjun Wang | National Research Council at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Chunming Su | US Environmental Protection Agency
Chang Min Park | Kyungpook National University
H060. Frontiers in Surface Water Quality Measurements, Modeling, and Management
Omar Abdul-Aziz | West Virginia University
Douglas Burns | USGS
H081. Legacy Effects of Land Use on Water Quality, Watershed Processes, and Ecosystem Function: Implications for Science and Policy
Nandita Basu | University of Waterloo
Peter Kleinman | Agricultural Research Service University Park
Shreeram Inamdar | University of Delaware
Matthew Cashman | USGS
Kimberly Van Meter | University of Waterloo
H111. Scientific Forefronts for Managing River Networks from Headwaters to the Sea
Emily Bernhardt | Duke University
Charles Lane | US Environmental Protection Agency
Elizabeth Boyer | Pennsylvania State Univ
Jud Harvey | U.S. Geological Survey
IN014. Climate Informatics: Methods and Applications
Jakob Runge | German Aerospace Center
Gustau Camps-Valls | Universitat de València
Markus Reichstein | Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
Veronika Eyring | German Aerospace Center (DLR)
NS008. Geophysical Quantification of Biogeochemical Processes
Myriam Schmutz | University of Bordeaux
Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis | Rutgers University
Silvia Rossbach | Western Michigan University
Chi Zhang | University of Kansas
OS037. Rare Earth Elements (REEs) as Tracers of Oceanic Processes: New Insights into the Geochemical Mechanisms Behind Their Patterns and Profiles
Johan Schijf | University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Torben Stichel | Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Hirofumi Tazoe | Hirosaki University
Brian Haley | Oregon State University
P046. “The New Mars Underground”: Science and Exploration of a New Deep Frontier
Vlada Stamenkovic | Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Penelope Boston | NASA Ames Research Center
Robert Grimm | Southwest Research Institute Boulder
Kris Zacny | Honeybee Robotics
PA036. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Drought and Drought Decisions
Aparna Bamzai | USGS North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center
Dennis Ojima | Colorado State University
Adam Wilke | USGS Fort Collins Science Center
Amanda Cravens | USGS Fort Collins Science Center
U002. Can we manage Earth's future?
Stephen Romaniello | Arizona State University
Hilairy Hartnett | Arizona State University
Linda Rowan | UNAVCO, Inc.
Ariel Anbar | Arizona State University
V017. Data Science and Geochemistry: Applying Data-driven Approach in Geochemistry-centric Studies
Tao Wen | Pennsylvania State University
Fang Huang | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Chao Liu | Carnegie Institution for Science Washington
Lisa Warden | Carnegie Institution for Science Washington
V029. New Insights into Oceanic Spreading Centers from Seafloor Observatories
Christian Baillard | School of Oceanography, University of Washington
Thibaut Barreyre | K.G.J. Centre for Deep Sea Research, University of Bergen
Marjolaine Matabos | IFREMER
David Butterfield | University of Washington, NOAA/PMEL