Ocean Sciences

The abstract submission deadline has passed. The information included is as of 8/5/2018. Use this viewer to search sessions and abstracts submitted to the AGU 2018 Fall Meeting. The 2018 Fall Meeting scientific program will be published in early October. Please check the Fall Meeting Website for updates. If you have any questions about the scientific program please contact abstracts@agu.org.

OS001. Advances in monitoring and modeling of subsea permafrost
Dallas Sherman | IGPP/SIO/UCSD
Jennifer Frederick | Sandia National Laboratories
Benjamin Abbott | Brigham Young University
OS002. Advancing the use of multi-angle polarimetry for ocean-color remote-sensing applications
Jeremy Werdell | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Paula Bontempi | NASA Headquarters
Bryan Franz | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Amir Ibrahim | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
OS003. Air-sea interaction from tropics to extratropics: ocean mesoscales, teleconnections, and climate predictions
Hyodae Seo | WHOI
Masami Nonaka | Application Laboratory, JAMSTEC
Niklas Schneider | Univ Hawaii
Larry O'Neill | Oregon State University
OS004. At the intersection of society and our coasts: Advancements in coastal-ocean science and applications to the human dimension
Greg Dusek | NOAA National Ocean Service, Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
Steve Gittings | NOAA National Ocean Service, National Marine Sanctuaries
Marie Bundy | NOAA National Ocean Service, Office of Coastal Management
Lisa Dipinto | NOAA National Ocean Service, Office of Response and Restoration
OS005. Beyond constant eddy diffusivities: Estimation, implementation, impacts, and new approaches to the parametrization of lateral mixing in ocean models
Anand Gnanadesikan | Johns Hopkins University
K. Shafer Smith | New York University
Baylor Fox-Kemper | Brown University
Inga Koszalka | GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
OS007. Biogeochemical cycling in estuaries, coastal waters, and their watersheds: natural variability, response to land use and climate change, and management implications
Raymond Najjar | The Pennsylvania State University
Ming Li | Univ of Maryland Ctr for Env.
Zach Easton | Virginia Tech
Marjorie Friedrichs | Virginia Inst Marine Science
OS008. Coastal Altimetry: Retrieval, Applications and Assimilation in Models
Jérôme Benveniste | European Space Agency/ESA-ESRIN
Villy Kourafalou | U. Miami
Cheinway Hwang | National Chiao Tung University
Stefano Vignudelli | Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche
OS009. Coastal Response to Extreme Events: Fidelity of Model Predictions of Surge, Inundation, and Morphodynamics
Jayaram Veeramony | US Naval Research Laboratory
Ap Van Dongeren | Deltares
Maitane Olabarrieta | University of Florida
Stephanie Smallegan | Virginia Tech
OS010. Declining Ocean Oxygen from Estuaries to the Open Ocean: Scientific Causes and Management Implications
James Ammerman | Long Island Sound Study/NEIWPCC
James O'Donnell | University of Connecticut
OS011. Flooding on Coral-Reef-Lined Coasts: Current State of Knowledge and Future Challenges
Curt Storlazzi | USGS Pacific Science Ctr
Ap Van Dongeren | Deltares
Gundula Winter | University of Western Australia
OS012. Gas-Hydrate-Bearing Sediments: Recent Advances in Characterization, Experiments, and Modeling
Stephen Phillips | University of Texas at Austin
Xiaojing Fu | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yi Fang | University of Texas at Austin
Junbong Jang | U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole
OS013. Gas hydrates: Major Unconventional Energy Resource, when will they be produced?
Kalachand Sain | CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute
Richard Coffin | Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Ingo Pecher | University of Auckland
OS014. General chemical and biological oceanography posters
Mariana Bif | University of Miami
Dennis Hansell | RSMAS, University of Miami
OS015. General topics in oceanography presented in poster form
Emily Eidam | University of North Carolina
Charles Nittrouer | University of Washington
OS016. Geological and Geophysical Characterization of Marine Gas-Hydrate Reservoirs
Manasij Santra | University of Texas at Austin
Ann Cook | Ohio State University Main Campus
Alexey Portnov | The Ohio State University
Stefan Bünz | University of Tromso
OS017. Geological constraints on coastal evolution and morphodynamics
Carlos Loureiro | Ulster University
Andrew Green | University of KwaZulu-Natal
James Cooper | University of Ulster
OS018. Geologic Evolution of Continental Shelves
Shannon Klotsko | Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Ashley Long | Coastal Carolina University
Jillian Maloney | San Diego State University
Jenna Hill | U.S. Geological Survey
OS019. Geomechanics and their implications for long term reservoir stability in a producing Natural Gas Hydrate Reservoir
Jeen-Shang Lin | University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Campus
Seth Haines | US Geological Survey
Shun Uchida | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Michael Max | MaxSystems LLC
OS020. Global Developments in Seafloor Mapping: Gaining a Greater Insight into Earth Systems
Nicole Raineault | Ocean Exploration Trust
Maria Judge | Geological Survey of Ireland
Geoffroy Lamarche | NIWA
Kim Picard | Geoscience Australia
OS021. High-Resolution Ocean Modeling for Ocean-Ice Interaction Around the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets
Ian Fenty | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Michael Schodlok | University of California Los Angeles
OS023. Improved observational and modeling skills to understand the hurricane and winter storms induced surge and meteotsunami
Meng Xia | University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Alex Sheremet | University of Florida
Chunyan Li | Louisiana State University
Edward Myers | NOAA
OS024. Improvements in synoptic, subseasonal to seasonal, and decadal projections through next-generation ocean model developments, observations, and coupled data assimilation
Bradford Johnson | Trivector Services/NOAA OAR
Luke Van Roekel | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Santha Akella | Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Jessie Carman | NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
OS025. Indo-Pacific ocean circulation and the environmental and climatic impacts
Hui Zhou | Institute of Oceanology, CAS
Huijie Xue | SCSIO South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of SciencesUniversity of Maine
William Dewar | Florida State Univ
Jin-Song von Storch | Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
OS026. Integrated observations and modeling of surface currents, waves, and winds
Ana Beatriz Villas Boas | Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Bourassa Mark A | Florida State University
Fabrice Ardhuin | CNRS, Univ. Brest, IFREMER, IRD
OS027. Interdisciplinary Applications of Data from NOAA’s Operational Network of Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis (DART) Systems
Marie Eble | NOAA/PMEL R/E/PM
Aaron Sweeney | National Centers for Environmental InformationCooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Richard Bouchard | Unaffiliated
Richard Ray | NASA
OS028. Investigating Mid-Ocean-Ridge Processes with Deep Submergence Technologies
Anna Reysenbach | Portland State Univ
Vicki Ferrini | LDEO
Peter Girguis | Harvard University
Patricia Gregg | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
OS029. Land-Based Remote-Sensing of the Coastal Ocean: Science and Technological Innovations
Brian Emery | Marine Science Institute
Anthony Kirincich | Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst
OS030. Modeling of Gas-Hydrate-Related Systems
Michael Nole | Sandia National Labs
Ewa Burwicz | GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Yoshihiro Konno | Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Kehua You | University of Texas at Austin
OS031. Nearshore Physical Processes
Meagan Wengrove | University of New Hampshire Main Campus
Greg Wilson | Oregon State University
Patricia Chardon-Maldonado | University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
OS032. New Frontiers in the Southern Ocean’s Role in Climate: Recent developments in physical and biogeochemical observations and modeling
Joellen Russell | University of Arizona
Lynne Talley | University of California San Diego
Kenneth Johnson | Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Stephen Riser | University of Washington
OS033. New Opportunities in Ocean and Earth Observing at The Seafloor Interface
Charlotte Rowe | Los Alamos National Laboratory - LANL
Susan Bilek | New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Jerome Aucan | Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)
Bruce Howe | University of Hawaii at Manoa
OS034. Novel data-analysis techniques for big data applications in marine science
Anastasia Romanou | NASA GISS
Maciej Telszewski | Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences
Peter Landschuetzer | Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
Luke Gregor | Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Rebecca Latto | NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
OS035. Physical Oceanography, Geodynamics, and Ecological Environment of the Western Pacific
Jianing Wang | Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Weidong Sun | Center of Deep Sea Research, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Kuidong Xu | Institute of Oceanology, Center for Ocean Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Fan Wang | Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
OS037. Rare Earth Elements (REEs) as Tracers of Oceanic Processes: New Insights into the Geochemical Mechanisms Behind Their Patterns and Profiles
Johan Schijf | University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Torben Stichel | Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Hirofumi Tazoe | Hirosaki University
Brian Haley | Oregon State University
OS038. Seafloor hydrocarbon seepage and venting - the contributions and impacts to the hydrosphere, atmosphere and seep habitat biosphere
Martin Scherwath | Ocean Networks Canada
Tamara Baumberger | University of BergenNOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Ira Leifer | University of California, Santa Barbara
Hiroaki Watanabe | Kyushu University
OS039. Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts and Flooding
Emily Smith | Utah State University Energy Dynamics Lab
Detlef Stammer | University of Hamburg
Philip Thompson | JIMAR, University of Hawaii
Kathleen White | US Army Corps of Engineers,US Army Corps of Engineers
OS040. Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) Mission: Oceanography, Hydrology, and their interaction at the estuaries
Lee-Lueng Fu | JPL
Rosemary Morrow | CNES French National Center for Space Studies
Jean-Francois Cretaux | CNES French National Center for Space Studies
Tamlin Pavelsky | University of North Carolina
OS041. Temporal Variability in Oceanic Mesoscale Activity, from Seasonal to Multi-Decadal Records
Andrew Delman | Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Angel Amores | Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies
Julius Busecke | Princeton University
OS042. Turbidity Currents and the Morphology and Stratigraphy They Create
Gary Parker | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Jim Best | Univ. Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Jeffrey Peakall | University of Leeds
Robert Dorrell | University of Hull, HU6 7RX, UK
OS043. Understanding Changing Ocean Biogeochemistry
Galen McKinley | Lamont -Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Anastasia Romanou | NASA GISS
Matthew Long | National Center for Atm Res
OS044. Unprecedented Bering Sea Ice Extent and Impacts to Marine Ecosystems and Western Alaskan Communities
Emily Osborne | NOAA Climate Program Office
Molly McCammon | Alaska Ocean Observing System
Olivia Lee | University of Alaska Fairbanks
A006. Aerosol exchange across the air-sea interface: deposition and emission
Amanda Frossard | University of Georgia
Katherine Mackey | University of California Irvine
Kostas Tsigaridis | Columbia University
Cassandra Gaston | University of Miami
A017. Assessment, Enhancement and Integration of Arctic Observing Systems
Roberta Pirazzini | Finnish Meteorological Institute
Hanne Sagen | Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Michael Tjernstrom | Stockholm University
Andreas Ahlstrom | Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
A046. Extratropical and High-latitude Storms, Teleconnections, Extreme Weather, and the Changing Polar Climate
Xiangdong Zhang | Univ Alaska
Kent Moore | Univ Toronto
James Overland | NOAA Seattle
A054. High resolution weather and climate modeling on large supercomputers
Gokhan Danabasoglu | National Center for Atmospheric Research
Malcolm Roberts | Met Office Hadley center for Climate Change
Pier Luigi Vidale | NCAS Climate
Rein Haarsma | Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
L. Ruby Leung | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
A067. Local Processes and Global Impact of the Indo-Pacific Maritime Continent
Samson Hagos | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kunio Yoneyama | Japan Ag for Mar Ear Sci & Tec
Eric Maloney | Colorado State University
Janet Sprintall | Scripps Institution of Oceanography
A093. Role of Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction in Regional Climate Variability and Change
Shoshiro Minobe | Hokkaido Univ-Grad. School Sci
Matthew Collins | University of Exeter
Shang-Ping Xie | Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Olga Zolina | Laboratoire de glaciologie et géophysique de l'environnement
B012. Carbon feedbacks in Earth’s climate system: beyond emergent patterns and towards mechanistic processes to reduce future climate uncertainty
Ashley Ballantyne | University of Montana
Abhishek Chatterjee | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Benjamin Poulter | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Laure Resplandy | Princeton University
B020. Comparative Organic Geochemistry of Soils and Aquatic Sediments: A New View in the 21st Century
Thomas Bianchi | University of Florida
Elise Morrison | University of Florida
Nicholas Ward | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Timothy Filley | Purdue University
C004. Advances in Ice Sheet-Ocean Interactions: From Measurements to Climate Impacts
Thomas Armitage | Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Anna Hogg | University of Leeds
Paul Holland | British Antarctic Survey
Fiammetta Straneo | Scripps Institution of Oceanography
C017. Forty years of eyes on the planet: An uninterrupted record of earth remote sensing with satellite passive microwave instruments
Walter Meier | National Snow and Ice Data Center
Carl Mears | Remote Sensing Systems
Ralph Ferraro | NOAA/NESDIS
Thomas Wilheit | Texas A & M Univ
ED037. Geoethics: Taking a Stand for Ethical Geoscience Research, Education, Communication, and Practice
Cindy Palinkas | University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Horn Point Laboratory
Vincent Cronin | Baylor University
Silvia Peppoloni | National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology
Chris Keane | American Geosciences Institute
G015. Integration of GNSS into Water Level Observation Networks: Priorities, Technologies, and Benefits
Nicole Kinsman | NOAA National Geodetic Survey
Adria Schneck | NOAA Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
Mike Craymer | Natural Resources Canada
Médéric Gravelle | LIENSs
GC006. Advances in Understanding Causes and Consequences of High-latitude System Changes for Improved Sub-seasonal to Decadal Predictability
Wieslaw Maslowski | Naval Postgraduate School
Renu Joseph | US Department of Energy
Wilbert Weijer | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Hailong Wang | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
GC016. Attribution Science Advancements: Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Hydrosphere, Ocean
Brenda Ekwurzel | Union of Concerned Scientists
Friederike Otto | University of Oxford
Rachel Licker | Union of Concerned Scientists
Sarah Cooley | Ocean Conservancy Inc.
GC021. Carbon cycle climate variability: observation, modeling and data assimilation in the modern data-rich era
Ning Zeng | University of Maryland
Abhishek Chatterjee | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Andrew Jacobson | NOAA Boulder
Benjamin Poulter | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
GC068. Marine-Based Methods of Global CO2 Management
Greg Rau | UCSC-IMSUniversity of California Santa Cruz
Brian Von Herzen | Climate Foundation
Phil Renforth | Cardiff University
Matthew Eisaman | Stony Brook University
GC072. Partnerships for Advancing and Facilitating Science: The State of the Carbon Cycle & 20 years of Research Coordination
Nancy Cavallaro | USDA/NIFA
Zhiliang Zhu | USGS
Laura Lorenzoni | NASA Headquarters
Gyami Shrestha | U.S. Carbon Cycle Science ProgramUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research
GC082. State of the Carbon Cycle in North America: Key Findings from Assessing a Decade of Science, Decisions, and Management Impacts
Gyami Shrestha | U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program
Nancy Cavallaro | USDA/NIFA
Laura Lorenzoni | NASA Headquarters
Zhiliang Zhu | USGS
GC086. The global water cycle: linkages of ocean salinity with the atmosphere and terrestrial hydrology
Paul Durack | Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab.
Nadya Vinogradova | NASA Headquarters
John Reager | University California, Irvine
Remy Roca | CNRS
GH006. Climate link to infectious diseases: Toward development of successful early warning systems
Kristie Ebi | University of Washington Seattle Campus
Masahiro Hashizume | Nagasaki University
Glenn McGregor | Durham University
Swadhin Behera | JAMSTEC Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
GH018. Ocean Health,Environmental Hazards, and Social Justice :Information and Communication for Resilience and Sustainability of GeoHealth.
Kalpana Chaudhari |
PT Karule | YCCE,Nagpur
Pasquale de Toro | Interdepartmental Research Center in Urban Planning ‘Alberto Calza Bini’, The University of Naples ‘Federico II’
Maria Cerreta | "Planning and Sustainable Design of the Port Areas", The University of Naples ‘Federico II’
NG011. Stochastic Modelling in Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics
Aneesh Subramanian | Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E)
Cecile Penland | Physical Sciences Division
Paul Williams | University of Reading, UK
Juan Restrepo | Oregon State University
NH013. Extreme sea levels: statistics, impacts, and adaptation
Thomas Wahl | University of Central Florida
Peter Ruggiero | Oregon State University
Ivan Haigh | Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
William Sweet | NOAA/NOS
NH026. Predicting Extreme Events to Build Resilience to Natural Hazards
Raymond Schmitt | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Albert Kettner | University of Colorado
Michael Liemohn | University of Michigan
NH035. Tsunami Research and Early Warning
Y Tony Song | Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Kenji Satake | University of Tokyo
Sergio Barrientos | Universidad de Chile
NS014. Time-lapse and Baseline Geophysical Studies in Coastal Zones
Koichi Hayashi | Geometrics
John Goff | Univ of Texas at Austin
Juan Lorenzo | Louisiana State University
P020. From the Earth to the Moons: Unraveling the Geologic, Oceanographic and Chemical Mysteries of Ice and Ocean Worlds
Catherine Walker | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Steve Vance | Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Christopher German | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Britney Schmidt | Georgia Institute of Technology Main Campus
T023. Geospatial Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning in Earth Sciences
Dawn Wright | Environmental Systems Research Institute
Emily Law | CalTech JPL
Warren Wood | Naval Research Laboratory
Jens Klump | CSIRO Earth Science Resource Engineering
Orhun Aydin | ESRI
T035. Seafloor Geodesy — Measuring Deformation of the Seabed
Martin Heesemann | Ocean Networks Canada
Kelin Wang | Geological Survey of Canada
Yusaku Ohta | Tohoku University
Matthew Cook | University of California, San Diego
U016. New Models of Citizen Science for the Next Century of AGU: Approaches to Enable Meaningful Engagement With Evidence and the Scientific Process
Lin Chambers | NASA Langley Research Center
Caren Cooper | North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
John McLaughlin | Organization Not Listed
V029. New Insights into Oceanic Spreading Centers from Seafloor Observatories
Christian Baillard | School of Oceanography, University of Washington
Thibaut Barreyre | K.G.J. Centre for Deep Sea Research, University of Bergen
Marjolaine Matabos | IFREMER
David Butterfield | University of Washington, NOAA/PMEL