Supporting Student Engagement in Science and Math Practices through Noyce Professional Development and Support

Friday, 11 December 2020
Maya Bakerman1, Sanlyn Buxner1, Larry Horvath2, Jennifer Kerekes Nelson3, Melissa Yisak4 and Bridina Lemmer5, (1)Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, AZ, United States, (2)San Francisco State University, Secondary Education, San Francisco, CA, United States, (3)San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, United States, (4)American Institutes for Research, Chicago, United States, (5)American Institutes for Research, Jacksonville, United States
The goal of the NSF’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is to increase the quality, diversity and quantity of the nation’s STEM teaching workforce. The program supports teachers to effectively engage students in high need schools in meaningful learning experiences. The Western Regional Noyce Alliance (WRNA) serves Noyce programs and Scholars in 12 western states with four tiers of professional growth opportunities including an annual conference, regional networking workshops, mathematical and science modeling summer institutes, and summer research experiences. We share outcomes of the first two years of the WRNA through an impact study, including interviews, video observations, and lesson plans, looking at Noyce Scholars who have participated in different tiers of the professional growth opportunities. Specifically, we focus on the development of science and math modeling practices as a result of professional growth provided by the WRNA. We report on how modeling is enacted in teachers’ classrooms and how teachers have overcome challenges related to engaging students in authentic science and math practices during virtual education.