Creating Broader Impacts during a Research Cruise with a Virtual Experience for Academic and General Audiences

Miriam Sutton, Science by the Sea, Beaufort, NC, United States
This virtual research cruise experience is designed to guide students (middle grades/high school/college) and general audiences through the scientific methods and technologies incorporated during a 2-week investigation focused on microbial oceanography. The virtual experience incorporates photo-journals, videos, and live feeds that engage students as they complete an expedition log exploring the relationship between phytoplankton blooms and ocean upwelling cycles. Physical and Biological science concepts are aligned with Ocean Literacy Principles and Next Generation Science Standards and allow students to observe the collaboration of researchers as they investigate the physiological responses of phytoplankton to upwelling cycles along the California Upwelling Zone. The activity is designed for completion independently or within a marine science curriculum. Accurate completion of the activity is validated with a certificate that can be downloaded and/or printed for use in the assessment process. Additional assessment/evaluation protocols are also provided. Session attendees will be provided background information to facilitate the administration of the activity.