Challenges and Opportunities in Preparedness for Climate and Ocean Extreme through Societal Participation: Contextualizing Data Science for Ocean and Marine Sustainability.

Kalpana Chaudhari, Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, Mumbai,India, Assistant Professor, Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, Mumbai,India, Mumbai, India, Dr Wiebke Schubotz, Climate Service Centre Germany (GERICS), Coordination Office for WCRP Regional Activities (CORA),Germany, Hamburg, Germany and Beatriz Balino, Coordination Office for WCRP Regional Activities (CORA), Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, (BCCR),Norway, Bergen, Norway
Ocean, marine and coastal systems are important for human livelihoods. The Sustainable Development Goal 14 - the sustainable use and development of the world's oceans - focuses on ocean and marine sustainability. Contextualizing Data Science is useful in ocean observation. This presentation deals with challenges and opportunities in ocean and marine sustainability. The presentation focuses on multidisciplinary issues related to climate and weather extremes and its impacts on ocean, marine and coastal biodiversity. This presentations aims on ocean and marine pollution, societal participation for ocean and marine sustainability, and risk and resilience in ocean, marine and coastal areas. The presentation also deals with the issues related to ocean change, acidification and hypoxia and social and ocean science interactions. This presentations focuses on data management and analysis for ocean sustainability including ocean productivity, marine policies, aquaculture and fisheries resource management, information and communication science for ocean sustainability, ocean observation and data management, coastal and marine tourism, fish drought and its societal impacts and social, economic and policy issues relevant to coastal,marine and ocean resources estrangement and development.