Societal Adoptions to Ocean and Climate Extremes : Application of Information and Communication Technologies for Governing and Sustaining Marine Food Chain in Indo-Pacific and Beyond.

Kalpana Chaudhari, Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, Mumbai,India, Assistant Professor, Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, Mumbai,India, Mumbai, India, Maria Cerreta, The University of Naples ‘Federico II’,Italy, Professor of Environmental Assessment and Evaluation, Naples, Italy, Pasquale De Toro, Professor and Former Director, Interdepartmental Research Center in Urban Planning ‘Alberto Calza Bini’, The University of Naples ‘Federico II’,Italy, Napoli, Italy and Paruthummootil Jacob Philip, Institute For Sustainable Development and Research,ISDR,India, Kurukshetra, India
Marine and inland fisheries are the fastest developing sector in the world and there is an increasing need for appropriate governance through information and communication technologies (ICTs) for its sustainable development in Indo-Pacific region. Due to the global climate change, coastal and marine pollution, rise in sea level which is causing adverse impacts on the marine food production creating major challenges in food Coastal communities and all stake holders in coastal and marine sector. Lack of information and communication facilities in coastal communities inhibits the social, political and economic empowerment of the majority of the population. ICTs played a significant role in all coastal community specially stake holders of marine systems across the world since the dawn of civilization. ICTs play a crucial role for the development of the marine food chain in Indo-Pacific region.

This presentation deal with the role of coastal societies in marine systems practicing information and communication technologies in governance of coastal sector for sustaining the marine food chain. The presentation aims at discussing the forms of ICTs which are being used across the globe in coastal and marine system for resource assessment to commercialization of marine food chain. This presentation is based on specialist applications of ICTs in coastal and marine sector for sustainable exploitation of the marine fisheries and aquaculture. This presentation intends to focus the role of coastal communities in marine sector specially planners, managers, researchers and community workers functioning on interdisciplinary as well as multidisciplinary issue involved in conclave of adoption strategies and management, adverse impacts of climate change on coastal and estuarine resources planning, coastal risk and vulnerability, social-ecological vulnerability and resilience in coastal region, human Pressures on coastal environments, land water-seawater interactions, economic issues and challenges for sustaining marine food chain in Indo-Pacific aquatic resources.