Role of Educational Institutions in Marine Conservation and Action Oriented Learning in Marine Science through Massive Online Open Course-MOOC in Global South.

Vaibhav Yavalkar, A. P. Shah Institute of Technology, Thane, India and Somesh Patil, Sandip University, Nashik, India, Nashik,422213,India, India
Marine and Ocean Education plays significant role in increasing marine productivity, marine biodiversity conservation and management, coastal industry management etc.This poster Presentation focuses on recent advancements in marine education though international networking of the institutions, universities and international research programs. The challenges and opportunities in Ocean, Marine and Coastal Education are enormous and needs systematic planning and management of educational resources through Information and Communication Technology. Today the information and Communication Technologies, satellite technologies, online training modules, Massive online open course-MOOC are widely used for public education and Literacy in Coastal, Marine and ocean education. This poster presentation highlights the case studies on application of ICTS and Media Information technology, Massive online open course-MOOC for sustaining higher and technical education in Marine Science in developing countries. This poster presentation also discusses the success and failure of the Massive online open course-MOOC for marine and coastal education in global south. The poster signifies the role of the early career scientist, students and youth researchers in providing marine and ocean science education to the local population, fisheries and maritime industry stakeholders.