Atmospheric and Offshore Forcing of Temperature and Salinity Variability at the Irminger Sea OOI station

Connor Aghili and Ajoy Kumar, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Millersville, PA, United States
The Irminger Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) Station is a region with high wind and large waves, ideally suited to study high latitude atmosphere-ocean exchanges of energy and gases. In this study we use time series data from the OOI Global Imringer array site and other nearby mooring locations to understand the seasonal variability of the mixed layer depth (MLD). Using the variability of the depth of the mixed layer, we have identified period of restratification. The long time series of MLD data will also help us to investigate the potential impact of freshwater from ice melts on the Greenland shelf. Recent international attention has focused on the potential impact of freshening on deep convection in the region as it may affect large-scale thermohaline circulation globally. Year-round sampling from this site captures episodic and strong forcing events likely missed by shipboard sampling alone.