INTAROS: Integrated Arctic observation system development under Horizon 2020

Stein Sandven1, Hanne Sagen1 and INTAROS consortium, (1)Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, Bergen, Norway
INTAROS is a research and innovation project with objective todevelop an integrated Arctic Observation System systems with focus on in situ systems in different regions of the Arctic. INTAROS has a multidisciplinary focus, with tools for integration of data from atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and terrestrial sciences. In situ observing systems in the Arctic are limited due to logistical and technological constraints. INTAROS has assessed strengths and weaknesses of existing observing systems, showing that most observations are provided from research projects with short-term funding. The observing systems are also concentrated in a few regions, while large areas have no observations. An integrated Arctic Observation System will enable better-informed decisions and better-documented processes within key sectors (e.g. local communities, shipping, tourism, fishing), in order to strengthen the societal and economic role of the Arctic region. The implementation of sustainable Arctic observing system requires coordination, mobilization and cooperation between the existing national and international programmes and relevant stakeholder groups. Stakeholders in the Arctic include monitoring and forecasting services, climate modelling and monitoring, environmental monitoring, marine and maritime industries, oil and gas exploration, arctic tourism, safety of marine operations and local communities.