How young ocean scientists from different fields gathered to create a kid's book series to raise awareness

Audrey Emilie Alice Hasson, LOCEAN ESA/CNRS, Paris Cedex 05, France, Dimitri Kalenitchenko, The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway, Carole Petetin, Graphiste indépendante, Norway and Clara Grillet, Sciences Po, Paris, France
We all have the experience of this kid who just won’t stop asking questions about the ocean. And I mean like thorough, relevant questions! – How can fish live at the bottom of the ocean? – Why can’t we clean all the plastic from the ocean? - Can I still swim if the ocean gets acidic ?

As scientists, we read and learn about ocean sciences every day. We feel like we need to reach out to kids who have all these fascinating questions to ask and no ocean scientist at hand. We’ve decided to go... papery! Let’s face it, a video podcast is just not for us. We’re not millennials and we enjoy the pleasure of accurate information with fine design on a graceful piece of paper.

The outcome is a kid’s book series to instruct about the ocean and to raise awareness on the impact of climate change or the threat of plastic pollution. The series also introduces readers to the variety of women and men stakeholders such as researchers, economists or NGO volunteers involved in ocean sciences.

Let yourself be swept away by the adventures of Zoe, the crab larvae who travels the oceans, from rich encounters to thrilling discoveries.