Science, Youth, and Government: A Powerful Alliance for Change

Aislinn Clark and Dakota Peebler, Heirs To Our Oceans, Redwood City, United States
Join Heirs To Our Oceans youth leaders Dakota Peebler (14) and Aislinn Clark (14) at an engaging and informative presentation about how the next generation working with scientists, researchers, and policy makers can create dramatic and important changes that support healthier oceans and waterways. Dakota and Aislinn will share what Heirs To Our Oceans is doing to forge alliances among disciplines, across generations, and around the world to bring about solutions to the many problems facing our oceans—before it is too late!

They will explain the importance of making current and credible science a part of educational curriculums worldwide, describe the empowering impact that science mentors can have on young people, and discuss the need to bring youth voices to the table now, so young people can start tackling the problems that they are inheriting.

Aisinn and Dakota will also describe their policy initiative to stop the harmful effects of nutrient runoff, often caused by overuse of chemical fertilizers, on marine ecosystems and human health, and they will provide details about how they are working with scientists, stakeholders, and staff members of the California Ocean Protection Council to bring about these important changes. As diverse young leaders, they will demonstrate what they can bring to the table and how youth, scientists, and government agencies and officials can work together to enact policies that will protect our planet’s oceans and waterways for future generations.