Towards Data-Driven Scientific Story Telling using Light Field Displays

Falko Kuester1, Vid Petrovic1, Jean-Pierre Rouja2 and Alex Hornstein3, (1)California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA, United States, (2)Nonsuch Expeditions, Hamilton, Bermuda, (3)Looking Glass Factory, Inc, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Our ability to conserve aquatic ecosystems as well as maritime heritage sites is tightly coupled with the ability to effectively communicate complex ocean science data to decision makers and the public at large. Engaging data-driven, scientific story telling holds the key for making the invisible visible and creating intuitive environments, suitable for exploration, analysis and dissemination, at anytime and anywhere. We present a visual analytics workflow that facilitates the capture, processing, model synthesis, rendering and fully interactive holographic display of submerged environments, with particular focus on creating a natural virtual reality experience, incorporating a light field display to create a dynamic digital hologram, supporting multiple concurrent users and viewing angles.