The Effect of Differently Trafficked Areas on the Stress of Feeder Fish Measured by the Amount of Ammonia (ppm) Released by the Fish

Layni Bellavia, Narragansett High School, Narragansett, RI and Julia Highcove, Narragansett High School, Narragansett, RI, United States
Within this experiment, the effect of higher and lower trafficked areas surrounding a tank containing feeder fish and the correlation of that with the amount of ammonia release by the fish inside the tank was investigated. This was tested by placing tanks in areas of high and low foot traffic; a classroom and a closet, and measuring the amount of ammonia that accumulated within the tank to see how the different levels of stimulation outside of a fish tank affects the stress level of the fish. The fish in the tank placed in the high trafficked area released more ammonia over time than those in the low trafficked area, illustrating that the fish in which were exposed to a high amount of stimulation were more stressed than those exposed to a lower amount of stimulation.