Plastic Leftovers: Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, FL

Re'Niyah Prim, Dixon School of the Arts and Science, Pensacola, FL, United States, Angel Sessions, Dixon School of the Arts and Sciences, Pensacola, FL, United States and Aasha Reed, Dixon School of the Arts and Sciences, United States
Whether it be a river, creek, or ocean microplastics affect our Escambia County/ Santa Rosa County watershed. Data collected on the gulf coast and the bay indicate that ocean water, sediments, and sands are contaminated from microplastics which harm marine life. Would you rather have candy and chips or broccoli and carrots? To the fish, birds, and crabs microplastics can be like candy, when they see the opportunity to eat it they take it. Sharing this data with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Keep Pensacola Beautiful, Bream Fishermans Association, the Audubon Society and other activist groups will enlighten us to conduct further research to protect marine life.