How Do We Make High-Resolution Ocean Simulations Useful to the Community?

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Simulations of ocean currents using numerical circulation models are increasingly realistic. At the same time, these models generate increasingly large volumes of model output data. These trends make analysis of the model data harder for two reasons. First, researchers must use high-performance data-analysis clusters to access these large data sets. Second, they must post-process the data to extract oceanographically-useful information. Moreover, the increasing model realism encourages researchers to compare simulations to observations of the natural ocean. To do so, model data must be analyzed in the way observational oceanographers analyze field measurements; and, ideally, by the observational oceanographers themselves.

With new software and hardware initiatives at the intersection of ocean modeling and computer science, these goals are now within reach. This tutorial will describe a simulation analysis paradigm, which we are building. The technologies include ultra-resolved ocean circulation model output (using the MITgcm), a public data analysis cluster (SciServer), and software packages for easy, scalable computation and visualization (OceanSpy, built on Pangeo tools). The tutorial will introduce people to this system via hands on instruction. We also seek feedback to make the prototype paradigm as useful to the Ocean Sciences community as possible.

  • OD - Ocean Data Management
  • OM - Ocean Modeling
Index Terms:

1908 Cyberinfrastructure [INFORMATICS]
1932 High-performance computing [INFORMATICS]
4255 Numerical modeling [OCEANOGRAPHY: GENERAL]
4532 General circulation [OCEANOGRAPHY: PHYSICAL]
Primary Presenter:  Thomas W N Haine, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Baltimore, MD, United States
Co-presenters:  Ryan Abernathey, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY, United States and Mattia Almansi, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, United States
Moderators:  Alice Marzocchi, University of Chicago, Geophysical Sciences, Chicago, IL, United States and Louis Clement, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom

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