Finding Just the Data You Need: New Developments in Online Oceanographic Data Discovery Tools

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Session Description:
Direct data discovery tools are developing rapidly. It is now increasingly possible to explore, subset, merge, and graph oceanographic data in your browser before committing to time-consuming downloads. Tools like the Southern Ocean Observing System’s SOOSMap ( and the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet; are aggregating decades’ worth of data across national borders and scientific disciplines, opening up access to datasets beyond the reach of any individual scientist’s network of colleagues and experience. Similarly, fieldwork planning tools are also aggregating international cruise and project information to allow coordination of future observations.  

We will review recent developments in data sharing tools and in the relationships among data centers that are making these developments possible. We will also demonstrate practical examples in SOOSmap, EMODnet Physics, and other portals for how to make these tools work for you. Examples will include research, teaching, public-private collaborations, and planning future fieldwork.

  • HE - High Latitude Environments
  • IS - Ocean Observatories, Instrumentation and Sensing Technologies
  • OD - Ocean Data Management
Primary Presenter:  Phillippa Bricher, Southern Ocean Observing System, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, Hobart, Australia
Co-presenters:  Patricia L Yager, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, United States and Mr. Patrick Gorringe, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Norrköping, Sweden
Moderators:  Louis Clement, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom and Alice Marzocchi, University of Chicago, Geophysical Sciences, Chicago, IL, United States

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