Making Science Matter: A Review of 20 Years of SciComm and Strategies for the Future

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The question scientists have asked with regards to broadly communicating their science has shifted from “Should we?” to “How do we?” over the past two decades. Meanwhile, social scientists have shown that the more information we throw at people on issues such as climate change, the more polarized their positions become. What’s a scientist to do? In this tutorial, I recap how attitudes towards science communication have shifted in recent years, highlighting lessons learned through specific examples. Drawing from ecosystem models, a science communication “food web” demonstrates how communication to various audiences is required to promote public understanding and acceptance of scientific results. Conclusions from social science research in the ever-growing field of “the science of science communication” will also be shared. Finally, this tutorial will conclude with simple strategies to communicate difficult topics.
  • ED - Education, Outreach and Policy
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0815 Informal education [EDUCATION]
6349 General or miscellaneous [POLICY SCIENCES & PUBLIC ISSUES]
Primary Presenter:  Adrienne Sponberg, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, Kensington, MD, United States
Moderators:  Ngozi Margaret Oguguah, Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research, Fisheries Resources, Lagos, Nigeria and Robert F Chen, University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, United States

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