Make Your Science Communication More Effective

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Session Description:
This workshop will be run by Hollywood communications expert, Brian Palermo, a professional actor and improv instructor (e.g., The Social Network, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Groundlings Theatre, Los Angeles).  It will build on the success of previous workshops by Palermo (at OSM and ASLO meetings from 2012 - 2019) organized by Jonathan Sharp (U. Delaware) and Adrienne Sponberg (ASLO). The workshop, Sunday (10:00-13:00), is free and is open to all, but participants must register ( This is separate from the LOREX workshop, also by Palermo on Sunday afternoon. It will be a hands-on workshop with interaction between Palermo and audience members. Financial support for this workshop has been received from the Ocean Sciences Division of NSF.
Submitter:  Jonathan H Sharp, DelawareUniversity of, Lewes, DE, United States

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