Interdisciplinary Presentations Workshop

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You can make a narrow-scope presentation that may be fine for a small group of specialty peers.  However, if you want to reach and appeal to a broader interdisciplinary audience, your presentation must be more engaging and appealing to those outside your specialty. Organized, like in previous years, by Jonathan Sharp (U. Delaware) and Adrienne Sponberg (ASLO), it again uses the skills of communications expert, Brian Palermo (a professional actor and improv instructor).  At the workshop, we will discuss specialty presentations in general, with some specific reference to what we saw in talks the prior day. The goal is to illustrate improvements to transform a specialty presentation also into one that is memorable and compelling to a broad interdisciplinary audience.  For more information, contact
Submitter:  Jonathan H Sharp, DelawareUniversity of, Lewes, DE, United States

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