The ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre, what it is, how it operates and what it can do to help you supply the data we need to quantify ocean carbon uptake

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ICOS, the Integrated Carbon Observing system is a distributed research infrastructure which makes high quality sustained (25 years ) Carbon observations in oceanic, terrestrial and atmospheric environments at the European and global scale to support climate policy development. Observing systems are supported by a head office, a data centre, a calibration lab and sector specific ‘thematic centres’. The Ocean Thematic Centre offers the following services to marine observing systems which almost exclusively consist of pCO2 instruments on ships and buoys.

assistance with data management

meeting and documenting ICOS quality thresholds

training instrument operators and fostering best practice via workshops and intercomparison exercises 

developing new technology to enable better, cheaper, faster or more robust observations, often in new environments or on new platforms.

We invite all interested parties, both current members of the ICOS network, groups interested in joining ICOS and groups from alternative networks, to attend this townhall at which we will  describe and showcase the services we offer, including


the Quince platform for automatic data upload, 1st QC and onward transmission of data

our 2020 pCO2 intercomparison exercise

our aspiration to begin supplying gas standards in 2020.

how to access the new sensors we are developing

  • AI - Air-Sea Interactions
  • IS - Ocean Observatories, Instrumentation and Sensing Technologies
  • OB - Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry
  • OD - Ocean Data Management
Primary Contact:  Richard Sanders, Norwegian Research Centre and Bjerknes Climate Change Centre, Climate, Bergen, Norway
Presenters:  Andrew J. Watson, University of Exeter, Exeter, United Kingdom and Emil Jeansson, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Bergen, Norway

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