Teaching Marine Sciences to non-majors at Community Colleges

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Many non-major students first discover marine sciences when they take an Introductory Oceanography or Marine Biology class.  These students typically have a very vague idea of what the class is and what they'll learn or worse believe it has everything to do with sea turtles and tidal waves.  Additionally, many have minimal if any scientific background and are only taking the class to meet the lab science requirement of their Associate’s or Bachelor's degree.  As most are not going to become scientists, it begets the question of what can we teach them that will stick past the final exam and have impacts years after taking the class.

During this Town Hall meeting, participants will share best practices, ideas for teaching, professional development and other resources.  We'll also develop the idea of what a successful non-majors student is in marine sciences.

Although not only for community colleges instructors, the Town Hall will focus on the needs of these generally small and more limited resource schools and the faculty who don’t have the support of an entire school of oceanography or marine biology.

  • ED - Education, Outreach and Policy
Primary Contact:  Rus D Higley, Highline College, Des Moines, WA, United States
Presenters:  Rus D Higley, Highline College, Des Moines, WA, United States, Dana Vukajlovich, Bellevue Community College, Bellevue, WA, United States and Jennifer Johns, Chemeketa Community College, Mcminnville, United States

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