Southern Ocean Air-Sea Flux (SOFLUX) Town Hall

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Session Description:
The challenging conditions in the Southern Ocean have led to sparse spatial and temporal coverage of observations of air-sea and air-sea-ice fluxes. This has led to a “knowledge gap” that increases uncertainty in atmosphere and ocean dynamics and boundary-layer thermodynamic processes, impeding improvements in weather and climate models.

The core aim of SOFLUX, a working group of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS), is to reduce uncertainties in air-sea-ice exchanges through designing and facilitating the implementation of an observing system to support investigations on dynamics and change in Southern Ocean air-sea fluxes.

This Town Hall will bring together researchers interested in taking air-sea flux measurements and those who are using (or are interested in using) flux observations, satellite products, and reanalysis flux fields in the Southern Ocean. The Town Hall will also invite industrial players providing/developing platforms or sensors for flux observations. The agenda includes lightning talks on current or planned Southern Ocean flux research activities, followed by discussions of the community priorities for Southern Ocean flux observations. Discussion items include: (1) plans and aims of SOFLUX (version 2.0) in the coming years; (2) identify synergies/collaborations at program and project level; (3) data management and discovery.

  • AI - Air-Sea Interactions
  • HE - High Latitude Environments
  • IS - Ocean Observatories, Instrumentation and Sensing Technologies
Primary Contact:  Sebastiaan Swart, University of Gothenburg, Department of Marine Sciences, Gothenburg, Sweden
Presenters:  Veronica Tamsitt, University of New South Wales, Climate Change Research Centre, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Luke Gregor, ETH Zurich, Environmental Systems Science, Zurich, Switzerland, Sarah T Gille, UCSD, La Jolla, CA, United States and Yanzhou Wei, Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanographic Administration of China, Hangzhou, China

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