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Planet Microbe ( is a cyberinfrastructure system for marine microbiology that brings together canonical marine datasets (such as HOT, BATS, GOS, TARA, OSD) into a unified platform. To do this, Planet Microbe leverages ontology terms to annotate and standardize each data set, making them findable and accessible. Two important components of FAIR, alongside interoperable and reusable. This work is pioneering a complete cyberinfrastructure system that not only includes the best available metadata-rich marine-omics data sets that are cleaned, standardized, and annotated but also allows for in-depth comparative analyses, via metadata searches and imbedded computational tools (Apps). 

Please join the Planet Microbe townhall to 1) get a demo of the search interface, 2) learn about the data sets and tools available to the community, and 3) get a sneak peak to the infrastructure behind the user interface. We will also introduce the National Microbiome Data Collaborative (, and describe how Planet Microbe will link ocean microbiome data sets to that new initiative.

As your input and feedback is very important to us, we will have time for questions and discussion. Where should Planet Microbe focus its efforts now? What are the next priority data sets for this community?

  • ED - Education, Outreach and Policy
  • MM - Microbiology and Molecular Ecology
  • OB - Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry
  • OD - Ocean Data Management
Primary Contact:  Elisha M Wood-Charlson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, United States
Presenters:  Elisha M Wood-Charlson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, United States and Bonnie L Hurwitz, University of Arizona, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Tucson, AZ, United States

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