The human dimension: integrating cultural heritage into the Decade of Ocean Science

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Session Description:
The Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021–2030 is a UN initiative that promotes a common framework for supporting stakeholders in studying and assessing the health of the world’s oceans. The Decade’s Roadmap states that “‘Ocean Science’ should be interpreted broadly as encompassing: social sciences and human dimensions”. This Town Hall aims to raise awareness within the broader marine science community of potential paths to integrate these important aspects in the six societal outcomes of the Decade now, during its Preparatory Phase (2018-20).


Maritime cultural heritage, the physical remains of past human interactions with the sea, are an inseparable part of the marine and coastal environments. Investigating these interactions at the broadest level can inform the present, allowing us to understand future patterns where we face marine pollution, sea-level rise and other hazards, and contribute data to ecosystems management.


Previous and future research projects that apply interdisciplinary methodologies to investigate maritime cultural heritage and collect data on the components of the marine environment and its natural heritage will be highlighted. The Decade initiative presents a vital opportunity to improve focus on the ocean’s natural and cultural heritage as well as intangible/indigenous/traditional culture.

  • ED - Education, Outreach and Policy
  • OD - Ocean Data Management
  • PC - Past, Present and Future Climate
  • SI - Social-Ocean Science Interactions and SDGs
Primary Contact:  Athena Trakadas, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark; Ocean Decade Heritage Network, Copenhagen, Denmark
Presenter:  Amy E. Gusick, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, United States

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