Ocean Science Applications at the European Space Agency

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Session Description:
The objective of this Townhall is to provide an overview to the international oceanographic community of present and future ocean scientific missions, data, tools and science and application projects developed at the European Space Agency in the frame of its 5th Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP-5, 2017-2021) and seek feedback and recommendations from the audience on priorities for future activities.

An overview of present and future ESA missions and datasets will be provided together with ESA projects targeting the development of cutting-edge methods, novel algorithms, new products to best exploit Earth Observation data for advancing physical and biogeochemical oceanographic sciences. A particular focus will be put on the synergistic exploitation of data from multi-mission global observatories (Earth Explorers, Sentinels, meteorological, national and CEOS partner missions) to harvest the full scientific potential of these missions. Among others, projects dedicated to the use of EO data to better retrieve, understand and monitor physical and biogeochemical processes such as ocean surface currents, ocean acidification, coastal erosion, air-sea gas exchange, deoxygenation, upper-layer ocean dynamics, extreme events, Arctic amplification, ocean carbon cycle… over a wide range of spatial (from local to global) and temporal (from synoptic to climatic) scales, will be introduced during this session.

  • AI - Air-Sea Interactions
  • OB - Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry
  • PL - Physical Oceanography: Mesoscale and Larger
  • PS - Physical Oceanography: Mesoscale and Smaller
Primary Contact:  Marie-Helene Rio, European Space Agency, Frascati, Italy
Presenters:  Marie-Helene Rio, European Space Research Institute, Frascati, Italy, Giorgio Dall'Olmo, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, United Kingdom; Plymouth marine Laboratory, National Centre for Earth Observation, Plymouth, United Kingdom, Nicolas Gruber, ETH Zurich, Environmental Systems Science, Zurich, Switzerland and Fabrice Collard, OceanDataLab, Locmaria-Plouzané, France

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